Skill Academy Course Review- HONEST INSIGHT (2024)

Skill Academy Course Review

Skill Academy Course Review: A warm welcome, hugs, and greetings to all my dear readers, friends, and folks looking forward to knowing about the Skill Academy courses with a lot of confusion in your head. Well congratulations on clearing the first step right, you are perfectly in the correct place where you would be gaining some valuable and proper knowledge about the SkillAcademy courses.

In the following blog, you will find all the necessary information you need to know or consider before taking this course. WHY SKILL ACADEMY, SKILLACADEMY REVIEWS all of these that you will read now are from students’ perspectives alone. So we kindly request you to go through all the segments cleanly before taking any sort of decision.

Anyone who still has some doubts left and wants to discuss them in person can comment about your details in the section. Our people are workers in the same domain and can answer your questions in depth. So let’s not waste any more time and dive into what we are here for!

Introduction To Skill Academy

skill academy interface

This portion of the blog will answer some frequently asked questions related to the institute to know its reputation and whether or not to trust the process.

Skill Academy History

The parent company Testbook was established in January 2014 by Ashutosh Kumar, Narendra Agrawal, Manoj Munna, and Praveen Agrawal, all of whom are alumni of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Their initial approach was to provide support and assistance for government jobs in India and were very successful in this journey. They launched the Testbook app in 2015 and achieved a record-setting 50CR questions solved and answered within 2017. The course is said to have achieved over 50 Lakh users. Skill Academy is the new vision of the founders catered with great care.

Skill Academy Placements

They provide various courses of events to help their students get placements and also are known for that. Some features are aptitude tests, Mock Interviews, and many more including English Enhancing.

From all the above information we can easily conclude that the institute is trustworthy.

Skill Academy Courses

skill academy course overview

This portion will take a look at the variety of courses that are offered by Skill Academy and various courses offered in the specified domains. The domains that the Skill Academy course works on are:-

  1. Marketing
  2. Software Development
  3. Data Science & Analyst

We will further look around what these courses offer

Skill Academy Course [MARKETING]

skill academy digital marketing

Course Name- Digital Marketing Career Program (ChatGpt Included)

Here are a few key features of this program

Key HighlightsDetails
Course Duration8 Months
Curriculum Highlights– Covers Google Ads Manager, Facebook, Google Analytics, WordPress, and more
Instructors– Experienced professionals from companies like Google, Flipkart, and UST
Projects & Hackathons– Real-world projects based on major industry case studies
Job Prep– Placement preparation, resume writing sessions, LinkedIn profile building, mock interviews
Certificates– Dual certification: Course Completion Certificate and Internship Certificate
Mentorship & Doubt Support– One-on-one doubt solving sessions with the academy’s team
Placement Assistance– One-on-one doubt-solving sessions with the academy’s team
Features– Project-led curriculum, peer/community interaction, capstone projects, mostly English classes, instructor-guided course
Tools & Technologies– Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Google Ads, WordPress, Google Analytics, Figma, Facebook Business Manager, and more
Free Demo– Offers a free demo class to preview the course content
Eligibility– No specific minimum qualification required
ChatGPT Integration– Included in the course for additional learning
Support– Toll-free support number, email support, office hours from 10 AM to 7 PM
Skill Academy Digital marketing important points

Skill Academy Course [Software Development]

skill academy software development

In this domain, the course offers multiple types of teachings.

  • Full Stack Development Career Program (ChatGpt)
  • Full Stack Development Career Program
  • Full Stack Development Career Program (Java Specialization)
  • Full Stack Development Career Program (Python Specialization)

Here’s the information presented in table form:

CourseDurationSpecializationProjectsTarget Audience
Full Stack Development Career Program11 MonthsNone5+Freshers
Full Stack Development Career Program9 MonthsNone5+Freshers
Full Stack Development Career Program (with Java Specialization)9 MonthsJava5+Freshers
Full Stack Development Career Program (with Python Specialization)9 MonthsPython5+Freshers
Skill Academy Software development

Skill Academy Course [Software Development]

skill academy data science

Course Name- Business Analyst Career Program (Chatgpt Included)

Here are a few important features of this program:

Course Duration8 Months (240 Days)
Course Fee₹60,000
Coupon DiscountAvailable (Check for current discounts)
Course Content– Fundamentals of business analysis – Business analysis techniques – Requirements gathering and management – Data analysis – Process modeling – Project management – Communication and stakeholder management
Tools and Technologies Covered– Excel – MySQL – Data Analyst – Data Mining – PowerBI – Predictive Modelling – Python – Tableau
CertificationDual Certification – Course Completion Certificate and Internship Certificate
Job Opportunities– Business Analyst – Data Analyst – Business Intelligence Analyst – Project Manager – Product Manager – Consultant
Instructors– Megna Roy – Rutvik Acharya – Samraat Pattanayak – Gaurav Rawat – Akshay Barakoti – Uttam Grade – Ruchi Sarna – Shrishti Omar
Key Features– Unlimited Access to Placement Drives – Dedicated Curriculum on Freelancing – Industry-recognized internship Certificate – Soft Skills Coaching – Real-world project – 1:1 mentor Sessions – ChatGPT Included
Support Channels– Coach WhatsApp Number – Onboarding Session – Mentorship Session Booking – Important Links – Assignment Submission Guidelines – 1:1 Mentor Sessions Guidelines
Skill Academy business analyst

Skill Academy Course Review

Here are Skill Academy Course Reviews from alumni

Skill Academy by Testbook is a well-known educational platform that offers a variety of courses and study materials for competitive exams. Many students have found the courses to be helpful in preparing for exams. However, whether a course is worth it and genuine depends on your specific learning needs, the quality of the course content, and the reputation of the platform. I recommend researching reviews and testimonials from other students who have taken courses from Skill Academy to get a better understanding of the quality and effectiveness of their offerings. Additionally, you may want to consider reaching out to the platform directly to inquire about the specifics of the course you are interested in

– Harish

Covered from very basics . Videos for every topic with live classes to understand concepts practically. Lots of take home and major assignments, which helps with deeper understanding of the topic. Weekly they have KBS or knowledge building session where some mentor discuss about industry relevant projects/examples. These sessiosn are really engaging though they should give more such sessions in the course. Faculty are from industry with good exposure in the given domain. But if they balance english & hindi in the class they are best. Though English helps in preparing for future jobs. Their placement assistance currciulum I found good. It prepared my resume, linkedin profile , even I appeared for some mock and real interviews. They also provided intervention sessions, it will be better if they start it early.

Overall I felt satisfied and learnt a lot from the course. Currently I am preparing for the interviews through their mock interviews & intervention session, hoping to crack some interview. I believe if you are really looking to learn and can do all the hard work required along with the course it can be a game changer, no course alone can help get job. This is what I feel

Avakash Kumar


Take up this course only if are into it completely and are prepared to give a set of time for this, if not drop the plan. More than money you need dedication to succeed in this course


Skill Academy Course Certificate

Skill Academy Course Review Youtube


Is Skill Academy certificate valid?

Yes, the students will get a valid certification after attending the boot camp

Is Testbook skill Academy free?

Some courses are free and some are paid

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