MyCaptain Psychology Course Review- TRUTH UNVEILED (2024)

MyCapatin Psychology Course Review- TRUTH UNVEILED (2024)
MyCapatin Psychology Course Review Blog

Welcome to the MyCaptain Psychology Course Review, To all the Psychology Students and learners. There might be a lot of doubts running through your mind now related to the course and whether or not to take it up, but don’t worry you are in the right place! All your questions will be answered everything you need to know will be properly guided and by the end of this article I can assure you that you will have a pretty good idea about the MyCaptain Psychology Course and MyCaptain Institute, you will further have clarity whether or not to take up this course.

Furthermore a small note and gift for you all, you can comment about your details in the section if you want to talk in person. We can even guide you to get discounts in the form of coupons. So let’s not waste more time and dive into what we are here for! Do read the complete article to gain correct information.

Introduction to MyCaptain

mycaptain interface
MyCaptain interface

MyCaptain is an online learning and teaching platform offering online courses with placements and certification programs that are job-ready, which means the course is designed in such a form that they train you to be in a job and further improve you! Now before looking for the MyCaptain Psychology review part let us try to understand the question of whether MyCaptain is reputable or not, we shall be answering a few frequently asked questions regarding this that will get you clarity about the institute. We will learn about its history and major achievements in this segment.

MyCaptain History & Working

MyCaptain was founded in 2013 by Mohammed Zeeshan, Sameer Ramesh, Ruhan Naqash, and Fatema Hussein. It came into the industry with of vision of providing excellent coaching that is job-ready and benefits its students to get a job or succeed in their domain.

It is said to have over 900 employees working and 30K+ active students every week. Its expertise is in Digital Marketing and further little segments to copywriting etc now they have included the Psychology course after extensive research. In 2022 the Online platform offering multi-disciplinary courses. Raised a total funding of $4.7M over 2 rounds from 83 investors. This directly says that they want to improve and are a reputed company with the backing of funds and we can expect great things.

MyCaptain Placements

MyCaptain is a placement assistance program and not a job-guaranteed one, many institutes claim to be job-guaranteed but aren’t one. Either way, they give full commitment to students in terms of learning and growing. Forming and connecting them to a big network and environment where they can be pioneers!

The above information confirms that the organization is trustworthy and reputed as it has involved itself in continuous growth and investments, so now let us go into what we are here for:

MyCaptain Psychology Course

  • Course Name: Explore the field of Psychology
  • Mode of Studies: Online

This segment of the article will further concentrate on the MyCaptain Psychology course, Here are some key features of this program

Course OverviewExplore the field of Psychology, Decode human personalities with this LIVE and Online Course, Internship Opportunities, Beginner Friendly
Course Highlights4 Week Live Course, Live Classes and Certification, banner Image, 60558+ Learners Impacted, 450K+ Learning hours
Course ContentYour learning journey in a nutshell
– Introduction to Psychology
– Meeting Ourselves and Others
– Personality
– Abnormal Psychology
– Counselling and Psychotherapy
– Emotions
– Intelligence
– Careers and Future of Psychology
CertificationUnlock Certificates + LoR, Pro course Certificate
Learner PresenceOur Learners are Present in 1000+ Colleges
Enrollment InformationGet the course @ just ₹7,999 (Including GST), Enroll Now
MyCaptain Psychology Course Key points

MyCaptain Psychology Course Structure

The course structure is designed carefully to make sure students are job-ready and get the best training and support which directly benefits his/her working scenario

Course ModuleLive ClassesProjects
Introduction to Psychology22
Meeting Ourselves and Others11
Abnormal Psychology11
Counselling and Psychotherapy11
Careers and Future of Psychology1
MyCaptain Psychology Course Structure

MyCaptain Psychology Course Key Features

mycaptain psychology important points

Here’s what you will be learning and understanding in this program

  • Discover Psych Models
  • Gain insight into the human mind and read about Observational Learning.
  • Dive into Mental Health
  • Understand emotions, and learn how to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Self-Concept and Intelligence
  • Increase emotional intelligence and understand the concept of Self.
  • Understand Personalities
  • Understand Erikson’s theory and learn about personality development.
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Learn about counseling, abnormal psychology, and ethics involved in therapy.
  • Careers in Psychology
  • What next? Explore the different career opportunities in the field of psychology.

MyCaptain Psychology Course Review

MyCaptain Psychology Course Review: Here is what the alumni of this course have to say about it after completion

The psychology course I took up with MyCaptain was great! Our captain was a vibrant person whose LIVE sessions gave us an insight into the field of psychology. We discussed interesting case studies to get a better idea of what we are learning. It was fascinating to learn how the human brain works and we got to know about many experiments that we can apply in our daily lives. I would strongly recommend my acquaintances to apply for this course! It is easily accessible to students from non-psychology backgrounds

Sneha Banerjee

“It was an amazing and enriching experience on the whole. I absolutely loved the content on the app as well as the explanations and examples given by the Captain during the LIVE sessions. Loved the entire course! I thought it was amazing that every one of us received personal feedback on our projects, they even told us where and how we could improve. I heard about MyCaptain from a friend in college and taking a course with them was the best decision I made. Psychology is already an interesting subject but when you make learning feel like a game, that’s when you know you’ve won. Thank you MyCaptain for this wonderful experience! I will definitely be coming back for more.”

Sai Shreya Borusu


We recommend you take up the MyCaptain Psychology Course based on your abilities and liking and interest in this subject, the course fee is also low, and since it is a new field a lot of opportunities could be explored. But make sure you give your 100% dedication to it.


MyCaptain Psychology Course Certification

MyCaptain Psychology Course Certification will be provided for students based on the terms and conditions of the institute, Here is a sample certificate

MyCaptain psychology course sample certificate

MyCaptain Psychology Course Review Youtube

You can learn further about MyCaptain Institute here


Is MyCaptain a trusted company?

Yes, MyCaptain is a trusted institute and has a good track record of supporting students and helping them find their dream job

Which type of company is MyCaptain?

It is an e-learning platform

What is MyCaptain net worth?

Founders hold 54.45% at a net worth of INR 50.7Cr

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