MyCaptain UI UX Course Review- EXPOSED

MyCaptain UI UX Course Review

Welcome to the MyCaptain UI UX Course Review, To all the UI UX enthusiasts & Students. There might be a lot of doubts running through your mind now related to the course and whether or not to take it up, but don’t worry you are in the right place! All your questions will be answered everything you need to know will be properly guided and by the end of this article I can assure you that you will have a pretty good idea about the MyCaptain UI UX Course and MyCaptain Institute and everything about it.

Furthermore a small note and gift for you all, you can comment about your details in the section if you wanna talk in person. Some of Our people are workers in the same domain and can deeply answer your questions. So let’s not waste any more time and dive into what we are here for! Do read the complete article to gain correct information.

Introduction to MyCaptain

MyCaptain is an online learning and teaching platform offering online courses with placements and certification programs that are job-ready means the course is designed in such a form to teach students what is necessary for a job and more training than learning! Now before looking for the MyCaptain UI UX courses review part let us try to understand the basics of whether MyCaptain is reputable or not, we shall be answering a few frequently asked questions regarding this that will get you clarity about the institute.

MyCaptain Founder and its Vision

MyCaptain was founded in 2013 by Mohammed Zeeshan, Sameer Ramesh, Ruhan Naqash, and Fatema Hussein. Its vision is to provide excellent coaching that is job-ready and benefits its students to get a job or succeed in their field!

MyCaptain Milestone

It was said to have over 900 employees working and 30K+ active students every week. Its expertise is in Digital Marketing and further little segments to copywriting etc. In 2022 the Online platform offering multi-disciplinary courses. Raised a total funding of $4.7M over 2 rounds from 83 investors. This directly says that they are trying to improve and are a reputed company.

Does MyCaptain Provide a Job Guarantee

MyCaptain is a placement assistance program and not a job-guaranteed one, many institutes claim to be job-guaranteed but aren’t one. Either way, they give full commitment to students in terms of learning and growing big!

The above information confirms that the organization is trustworthy and reputed as it has involved itself in continuous growth and investments, so now let us go into what we are here for:

MyCaptain UI UX Course

The segment will solely concentrate on MyCaptain UI UX Course

Mycaptain uiux
MyCaptain UI UX

Course Name- UI/UX Creative Design Pro
Mode Of Studies- ONLINE

MyCaptain UI UX Course Key Features

Here are some important features of the MyCaptain UI UX Course

Program NameUI/UX Design PRO Program
Duration20 weeks
Seats Available08/60
InstructorsCaptains from Deloitte, HCL, Airbnb, Freecharge
Learner Rating4.51
Mentees Trained1000+
Highest CTC₹9.5 LPA
Placement Support100% Placement Assistance
Hiring PartnersLead Squared, MAERSK, Cognizant, Schbang, OLA, Flipkart, and more
CurriculumIntroduction to Design (2 Live Classes), UX Designing (14 Live Classes, 7 Projects), UI Designing (20 Live Classes, 8 Projects), Placement Readiness Module (2 Live Classes)
CertificationIndustry-Recognized Certification
Program Cost₹69,999 (with an early bird offer) or as low as ₹6,000/month on No-cost EMI
overview of the UI/UX Design PRO Program

MyCaptain UI UX Course Hiring Partners

You Can Explore Opportunities with Our 500+ Hiring Partners:

  • Lead Squared
  • Cognizant
  • SaasGuru
  • Schbang
  • OLA
  • Flipkart
  • CupShup
  • The Social Booth
  • Social Beat
  • Semirer Digital
  • Deloitte
  • Target
  • Swiggy
  • Testbook
  • SpiceJet
  • Cult Fit
  • Pepper Content
  • Josh Talks
  • KPMG
  • Lifestyle
  • College Dunia
  • Fashion TV
  • Inflection Point Ventures

MyCaptain UI UX Course Curriculum

Important features of the Course Curriculum

Curriculum SectionFormatNumber of ClassesNumber of ProjectsDescription
Introduction to DesignLive Classes2Fundamental concepts and principles of design.
UX DesigningLive Classes147Focuses on user experience (UX) design theory and practice.
Projects7Hands-on projects to apply UX design principles.
UI DesigningLive Classes208Covers user interface (UI) design principles and tools.
Projects8Practical projects to implement UI design concepts.
Placement Readiness ModuleLive Classes2Preparation for job placement, including resume building and interview skills.
Brief description of course curriculum

MyCaptain UI UX Course Sucess Stories

This course has helped many students to make a career transition or get a fresher job to advance in the future

MyCaptain UI UX Course Review

Here are a few reviews from the students who have been a part of this program and course:


“I had the best experience with MyCaptain at every stage of placement and interviews. They conducted mock interviews for me and that helped me sit confidently for the real interviews. The entire team was very supportive.”- Akash Poojaray (Oct 2022 Batch)

“I am a zoology student who always loved writing but I wasn’t confident if I would be able to make a career in it. After joining the course not only did I get to learn about the different techniques and formats of content writing but the support I got from my mentors helped me believe in myself and I was able to land a job at Swiggy. This has been a dream come true for me.”-Mrinali P (Oct 2022 Batch)


Here are a few odds to look out of the MyCaptain Course

1. Disorganized Course Structure: Some students are said to have found the course structure on MyCaptain to be disorganized and lacking a clear systematic approach.

2. Lack of Support for Instructors: There was a noticeable lack of support for instructors, both in terms of resources such as materials and communication are also rare.

3. Quality Control Issues: MyCaptain seemed to lack a strict quality control process for courses and instructors. This resulted in a significant difference in the quality of courses being offered, ultimately affecting the reputation of the platform.

4. Student Dissatisfaction: Some students are said to have witnessed numerous instances of student dissatisfaction, with many expressing concerns about the quality of the courses. These sentiments were not adequately addressed, creating a negative environment for both instructors and learners.


We would recommend this course only if you are ready to allot the time and give proper attention to it and also have the money and most importantly the time for it. Experience says that many students after having the course tend to give up due to pressure!


MyCaptain UI UX Course Certificate

Here’s the MyCaptain UI UX Course Sample Certificate

YouTube MyCaptain UI UX Course Review

Here’s MyCaptain UI UX Course Review in clear

What is MyCaptain net worth?

As of Jun 23, 2023’s latest post-round ownership report, Founders hold 54.45% at a net worth of INR 50.7Cr

Is MyCaptain a trusted company?

MyCaptain is a trusted company indeed and tries to give its best assistance to students, our only advice would be that you cross-verify with students who have taken up the course recently.

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