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UpGrad MBA Review | Is Upgrad MBA worth it?

upgrad mba review


Hello guys, welcome to the blog. In this article, we will discuss the upgrad MBA review. The Upgrad MBA from Liverpool Business School, which is offered by UpGrad in association with IMG Ghaziabad. As I have already done a post-graduate program in digital marketing from UpGrad, so this is not a paid promotion. I’m not from UpGrad; I’m just a student. So, How is upgrad mba? Let’s find out

In this complete review of the MBA program offered by Liverpool Business School through UpGrad. We will look into various aspects of the program, providing students with a thorough understanding of its modules, fees, job opportunities, syllabus, and overall structure.

Program Overview

The UpGrad Liverpool MBA is an 18-month program with new batches commencing every 2-3 months. This review will meticulously cover both the positive and negative aspects of the program, aiming to offer a well-rounded perspective for potential applicants.


  1. Up-to-date Modules: One of the program’s standout features is its commitment to staying current. The modules are regularly updated to incorporate the latest projects, tools, and technologies, ensuring students receive a relevant and contemporary education.
  2. Mentors Support Services: The program offers robust support services beyond traditional academics. These include assistance in resume building, mock interviews, personal one-to-one guidance, and mentorship, enriching the overall learning experience.
  3. Job Fair and Networking: A significant advantage is the organized job fair, providing networking opportunities in major cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru. This can be a crucial platform for students to connect with potential employers and explore job prospects.
  4. On-Campus Immersion: The optional on-campus immersion is a unique offering. While requiring a 2-3 month stay in Liverpool, the program continues online. This provides students with a blended learning experience, combining the advantages of both online and offline formats.
  5. Dual Certificates: Upon completing the program, graduates receive certificates from Liverpool Business School and IMT Ghaziabad, adding prestige to their academic achievements.


Limited Exposure in Online Format: One possible drawback of online MBA programs is the limited exposure compared to offline counterparts. The immersive experience of face-to-face interactions and networking might not be fully replicated in a virtual setting.

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Upgrad MBA fees | upgrad MBA fees structure

The program’s fee structure is relatively high, ranging from 4,50,000 without immersion to 6,60,000 with immersion. This might pose financial challenges for some prospective students.

Easy EMI Plan

Despite the high program fee, UpGrad offers an easy EMI plan, making the MBA program more financially feasible. This flexibility sets it apart from certain offline MBA options that might not provide such easy payment plans.

Who Should Join | Upgrad MBA Eligibility

The UpGrad Liverpool MBA program is specifically recommended for individuals with a minimum of two years of professional experience. This target audience is likely to benefit the most from the program, using it as a platform to advance their careers. On the other hand, freshers might find other certification programs from UpGrad or alternative companies like Data Science, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics, and more suitable for their needs.

Faculty Details

The quality of faculty is a crucial aspect of any educational program. In the case of the UpGrad MBA, industry experts from IMT Ghaziabad and LBS contribute to the teaching faculty. The curriculum is structured in modules, culminating in a final segment that involves a group project, thesis, industry projects, and graded assessments.

Course Structure

The LMS Learning Management System (LMS) displays a comprehensive overview of the courses, learning materials, live classes, discussion forums, and job portals as well. Each module of the course comes with a specified deadline, and completion involves graded questions.

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Upgrad MBA placements

Upgrad also provides job opportunities to their students, many people are interested in the increments they might get after completing a course, so the answer is yes most of the learners get a hike after enrolling in the course. Depending on your experience, companies offer different packages. For example, if you have 1 year of experience, you might get a 5-6 lakh package and it keeps on increasing depending on the number of experience and skills you have it may go up to 30-40 lPA also. Multiple Companies for example Amazon, IBM, Hdfc Bank, Wipro, Cognizant, Accenture, Max Life Insurance, and others offer multiple job opportunities. In the Job Portal, you can find that.

Alumni and Reviews

The connection with alumni is a critical factor in evaluating the success and impact of any educational program. Upgrad provides Networking and Events Opportunities. Furthermore, the inclusion of salary details and the ability to connect with alumni for guidance is a valuable resource for prospective students.


The UpGrad Liverpool MBA program stands out as a flexible and comprehensive option for individuals seeking career advancement. While certain drawbacks, such as the high program fee, are acknowledged, the advantages, including dual certificates, job fairs, and on-campus immersion, contribute to its appeal.

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In conclusion, this Program is recommended for those who are busy with their jobs and cannot join an offline college. This fully online course provides exposure and is suitable for those who want to upgrade their positions in their jobs. Even if you are facing difficulty with CAT exams or have an average budget, you can consider this course.

Feel free to contact me if you have any doubts or need extra information. Additionally, there’s a referral program, and if someone joins through my link, you may get a discount so if you want that fill out the form. I hope this information helps you in deciding whether this program is suitable for you. If you have any questions or need more details, feel free to reach out.

Thank you!

Disclaimer: This review is not a paid promotion, and I am not affiliated with UpGrad I am just a Student.

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