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PW Data Science Course Review 2024, What to Expect?

Physics Wallaha aka PW has raised to one of the biggest ever online learning platforms and also bigger than Bjyus. PW is also offering a Data Science Course and has many features to it, But we all must ask ourselves why PW if there are many more such courses out there! Or in in the first place is it worth it??

Today we are about to find out that.

PW Data Science Course: Overview, Key Highlights, Curriculum, Projects, Instructors, Fee, Review

PW Data Science Review
PW Data Science Review

Data Science from PW is one of its best-selling courses with some great reviews given by alumni.

PW Data Science Course Overview

Certainly, here’s the information presented in a table format:

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Course NameData Science With Generative AI Course
Job AssistanceProgram
Date of Commencement14 June 2024
Duration6 Months
Delivery ModeLive + Recorded

PW Data Science Key Highlights

  1. Mentorship: Connect with professionals in the field to clear doubts.
  2. Project: Build a dynamic project portfolio to enhance your resume and make it marketable to employers.
  3. Interview Opportunities: Get an interview chance at desired positions at prestigious companies.
  4. Alumni Network: Take advantage of PW Skills learners’ highly influential alumni network.
  5. Professional Development: Seize the chance to advance and accelerate your career.
  6. Certification: Obtain well-known certificates from the business for completing courses and internships.

PW Data Science Syllabus

Here are the modules & topics that will be covered.

PythonBasics, Data Types & Functions, OOPS, Files & Exceptional Handling, Database & Web API
Python LibrariesPopular Python Libraries (e.g., NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib)
Machine LearningIntroduction to ML, Feature Engineering, Exploratory Data Analysis, Regression
Decision Trees & SVM, Naive Bayes & Ensemble Techniques, Boosting, KNN & Dimension Reduction,
Anomaly Detection & Time Series, Cloud Introduction
Deep LearningNeural Network A Simple Perception, TensorFlow, PyTorch & CNN, Image Classifications
RCNN, YOLO, Detectron2 & TFOD2, Image Segmentation & Mask RCNN
NLPNLP Introduction, Text Processing for NLP, NLP Libraries & Networks
Attention based model & Transfer learning
Generative AIIntroduction of Generative AI, Generative AI for Text Generation,
Generative AI for Machine Translation, Generative AI for Creative Content Generation
Advanced Topics in Generative AI with NLP, LLMs: Use Cases and Potentials,
Hugging Face Hub: A Gateway to Generative AI, Prompt Engineering: The Art of Guiding LLMs
RAG: A Versatile Tool for Generative AI, Fine-tuning: Unveiling the Potential of LLMs
Project: On Prompt Image and Caption Generator, Project: Customized Chat bot,
Project: Genei: An Alexa-like Assistant, Custom Chat GPT
Power BIIntroduction to Power BI, Visualizations, Data Modeling, DAX, Connectivity,
Creating Reports, Power BI Architecture

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PW Data Science Projects

Now projects are very important to make you relevant in any resume, so here’s what you shall be learning

Project NameDescription
GeneAi – An Alexa-like AssistantA customized Alexa-like assistant with chat and voice command compatibilities. Useful for day-to-day tasks like web searching, knowledge extraction, or music recommendation.
Customized Chat BotA customized chatbot using langchain and Chainlit to generate a Question Answering system or RAG system that extracts information from various sources of documents or simple web searching.
Name Entity RecognitionUtilizing Transformer models, the NER project accurately identifies and extracts named entities from text.
On Prompt Image and Caption GeneratorThis project aims at image generation and caption generation, helping users generate content topics and thumbnails with ease.

PW Data Science Instructors

PW Data Science Instructors
PW Data Science Instructors

PW Data Science Fee

PW Data Science Fee
  • Program Fee: INR 20,000

For further clarification and fee concession, you can contact

  • PW referral code– Click Here
  • Contact Info– 7735361649

PW Data Science Course Review

Now let us do the PW Data Science Course Review based on its pros & cons.

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  • The course fee is too low when compared to other institutes
  • The instructors have over 10+ years of experience
  • The syllabus teaches you everything from scratch
  • It’s offering you some great placement support


  • The only thing we could point out is that it’s a growing platform so not much to reveal though have to say there are some positive reviews from alumini’s

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