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Scaler Data Science Course Review – EXPOSED


Here’s the Scaler data science review, In the consistently advancing scene of innovation, where data rules, the interest for gifted data scientists and AI engineers keeps on flooding. Perceiving this requirement for capable experts, Scaler Information Science arises as a reference point of greatness, offering India’s top outcome-based learning and guidance. Let’s further dig deep into what it has to offer:

Insights from Industry Veterans

One of the key aspects of Scaler Data Science is its foundation is laid by taking insights from 100 Data Scientists from 50 Top Tech Companies. This invaluable input ensures that the curriculum is not just theoretical but practical, aligning closely with industry expectations to be a great data scientist and excel in the field. Here, Learning directly from instructors from tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Hotstar provides students with great exposure to real-world scenarios and best practices.

Customized Learning Experience

Scaler Data Science offers LIVE Online Lectures, giving importance to interactive engagement and direct discussions. Moreover, the program boasts 1:1 Mentorship sessions for learners with industry and research mentors, including professionals from big and giant companies like Uber. This personalized guidance not only helps in resolving career-related queries but also empowers students to gain confidence and understanding to a great depth.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The curriculum of Scaler Data Science is crafted in such a manner that it’s beneficial for both beginners and advanced learners. Starting from basic modules covering tools like Tableau, Excel, SQL, and Beginner Python, the program gradually progresses into more advanced topics such as Data Analysis, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. Specializations in Machine Learning and Deep Learning offer students all sorts of information required to excel in this field and achieve great things.

Career Assistance

Scaler Data Science is highly rated on practical application and career readiness. With hands-on projects, mock interviews, and guidance on resume optimization, students are groomed to tackle real-world challenges and master job interviews with confidence. The program boasts a network of over 600 placement partners and a thriving community of 20,000+ ambitious techies, making them huge in this field. They give their best to the students

Future-Sealing Abilities

In the quickly advancing tech scene, keeping up to date with the most recent devices and advancements is fundamental. Scaler tends to this need by covering state-of-the-art advancements like Streamlit, Carafe, AWS Sagemaker, and Apache Flash. Furthermore, helps in decision-making and critical thinking and adds more such values to its learners.

Is Scaler an Indian company?

Yes, Scaler Is an Indian company but nongovernment and run by private parties.

Scaler Location

Scaler is located in multiple locations and cities which has its center even offline, kindly check nearby locations in Google to get its due place.

Who is Eligible for Scaler Academy?

Software engineers or IT veterans with any number of years are accepted in this journey and also engineering students in any given year (1-2-3-4) are welcome, the program offers great benefits to college students.

Is Scaler a part-time learning?

The program offers live sessions and hence strictly followed which needs serious concentration to gain the required knowledge and the right amount of skill to excel in this field

Does Scaler provide Certification?

The seller is in partnership with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), and upon successful completion of the program, learners get an NSDC certificate in addition to the certificate provided by Scaler. These certificates enhance your credibility and demonstrate your skills to employers.

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What are Scaler data science course fees?

1.5L-2.5L varries upon program

Is data science a 6 months course?

Yes, a 6-month period can offer a solid introduction and intermediate-level understanding of data science concepts. However, becoming proficient or mastering the field may require continuous learning beyond the 6-month timeframe and practical application of skills.

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