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Masters Union Course Review- Exposed

Reallity of Masters Union

What Is Masters Union?

The Masters’ Union is a site that represents a unique mix of creative hub, educational space, and lively business environment for students to learn and grow. Though it sounds impossible, Masters Union promises to visit them and see and witness the environment engaging students with live entrepreneurship and the way to an authentic learning experience.

Masters’ Union houses multiple Centers of Excellence including the Center for New Business Models, Blockchain Business Research Center, Center for Applied Machine Learning, Agriculture and Food Innovation Center, Global Private Equity Research Center, Lab for Genetics and Biotech Businesses, Startup School, and Masters’ Union Investment Fund.

How to get into Masters Union?

Admissions for the 2024 academic year at Masters’ Union Gurgaon range to undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) classes in Management. Among these, the institute’s main program is the Post Graduate Program in Technology and Business Management (PGP TBM). To gain entry to the PG school, students must perform the Masters’ Union Business Aptitude and Entry Test (MUBAAT). Final selection hangs on candidates’ success in this intelligence test, followed by a personal interview (PI) round.

For the different classes offered, here are the qualifying conditions and selection processes:

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  1. PGP TBM: – Eligibility: Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s Degree from an approved school in any field. Applicants must be at least 21 years old.

– Selection: The selection method considers the MUBAAT number along with success in the personal interview.

  • BBA: – Eligibility: Candidates should have finished Class 12 in the relevant subject from an approved school.
  • BCom: – Eligibility: Similar to the BBA study, candidates need to have finished Class 12 in the respective subject from an approved school.

Students are urged to know about the eligibility criteria properly before getting or enrolling in a program.

Masters Union Fee Details

Sure, here’s the information presented in table form:

Course NameOne-Time FeeTuition Fee
MBA/PGDMNAINR 2,112,200 – INR 2,544,080
B.ComINR 100,000INR 3,796,650
BBM/BMSINR 100,000INR 3,796,650
CertificateINR 15,000INR 230,000 – INR 315,000

Who is The founder of Masters Union

Pratham Mittal is the founder of the Masters Union

How to get admission into Masters Union

Admission requirements at Masters Union School of Business (MUSB) are usually open and based upon CAT percentiles, they mostly run between 78 to 85 percentile. Scoring 89 percentile in CAT is considered highly helpful for gaining entrance. Moreover, even if your CAT score falls short, entry remains possible through the MUSB college test, also known as the MU BAAT.

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Batch Diversity: In the 2020 batch, over 95% of registered students held professional work experience. Among them, 31% held Engineering degrees, while the remaining 69% hailed from various backgrounds including Management, Arts, Commerce, and Law.

Intake: The undergraduate program fits 100 students, while the advanced program is expected to accept approximately 250 students this year.

Where is the Masters Union Located

Nestled in the heart of Gurgaon’s business area amidst Fortune 500 companies, the location offers students with hands-on learning opportunities.

How is Masters Union?

Masters Union (MU) stands as a unique school giving a mix of academic intensity and real industry experience, forming the future business leaders of tomorrow. As with any educational school, there are both pros and drawbacks to consider, with a large focus on student-driven learning and effort.


  1. Industry-Immersed Curriculum: One of MU’s biggest strengths lies in its industry-immersive curriculum. The addition of real-world case studies, projects, and jobs ensures that students are well-prepared for the changing tasks of the business world.
  • Faculty Expertise: MU boasts a broad faculty containing workers with significant industry expertise. Their thoughts and advice provide priceless viewpoints that improve the learning journey for pupils.


  1. Limited Resources: Despite its strengths, MU may face difficulties in terms of resource distribution and facilities. Access to certain tools or chances could be limited, hurting the general learning process for students.
  • Heavy Reliance on Self-Initiative: While MU offers a wealth of possibilities, success largely hangs on students’ desire to take initiative and drive their learning. Those who are aggressive and self-motivated succeed, but others may suffer without proper direction or organization.
  • Competitive Environment: The high-caliber student group and strict academic standards make a competitive environment at MU. While this can promote

greatness, it may also lead to worry and pressure for some people.

It’s important to note that MU’s success eventually rests on the active participation and interest of its students. The school offers a healthy ground for growth and learning, but it’s up to each student to take the chances offered and make the most of their time at Masters Union. With the right attitude and commitment, MU gives a stage for prospective business leaders to succeed and make a real mark in the world of business and beyond.

Is Maters Union Better than IIM

No, IIM is way ahead of the masters union in terms of alumni and reputation and also the years of legacy it has. None comes close to IIM in this business.

Is Master’s Union degree valid?

Masters’ Union does not have AICTE or UGC affiliation. Owing to the highly experiential nature of education in the PG Programmes, the Business School did not want to limit its potential as per the AICTE and UGC guidelines on how a course can be run. The institute grants a PGP-TBM certificate to students who complete the PG Programmes.

Is Masters Union Worth Joining

Masters Union is not worth joining for all its money and unregistered certification causing a lot of money in vain

Masters Union Placements

Masters’ Union, a business school based in Gurugram has released its certified placement report for the PGP (MBA) class of 2023. The study shows that the one-year MBA/PG course offered by Masters’ Union has earned an amazing average

deal of Rs 34.07 LPA. This source is according to the program holders and the authenticity of this is not trusted by outsiders, we request our students kindly to cross-verify multiple times before joining.

Masters Union Certificate Samples

Sample certificate


Is Masters Union good for finance?

Indeed. This program is suitable for you if you have one to two years of work experience and want to go into finance or accounting in sectors including banking, insurance, financial services, consumer goods, IT/ITeS, manufacturing, telecom, or pharmaceuticals. The applications in which it can be used are large.

What is the average CTC in Masters Union?

At Masters’ Union for PGP Placement 2023, the median income was Rs 32.18 lakhs, while the average CTC was Rs 34.07 lakhs. The highest pay was Rs 57.0 Lakhs. Note that the complete data is given or shown by the Maters Union

Is Masters Union owned by LPU?

Indeed, the parent university is Lovely University. They are managed as two entirely separate universities, nonetheless, on an administrative level. The Masters Union School of Business has a highly reputable board of directors in addition to famous faculty members.

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