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Digital 360 Digital Marketing: EXPOSED (Everything You Need To Know)

Everything you need to know about Digital 360 Course


Digital 360 is an online learning platform that offers various courses for the benefit of students in a fast-moving world where having a single degree or so doesn’t get us through. It offers some major components that are very much required and ideal for any individual looking forward to getting any job or being job-ready.

1. Industry-Vetted Curriculum: At the core of this program lies an industry-screened educational plan carefully created by specialists in the field. It’s completely designed to help students be industry-ready. This guarantees that the students will be standouts in any field or course they take up.

2. Guided Programme: The best part of this program is that it offers a wide range of guidance and a custom-made specialization for any individual, whether he is a fresher or a professional. Based on their availability, the course takes place in parts and pieces.

3. Specialisation: Digital 360 offers the best exposure for any learner to get
great experience and knowledge in any specific field, Whether it’s data science, digital marketing, software development, or any other field,it has specialized courses that always meet the demands of today’s job market.
4. Practical Sessions: As much as we gain knowledge in theoretical sessions, it is very important to gain knowledge from practical sessions to enhance our capabilities and implement them in real-life scenarios around the world. In this aspect, Digital 360 helps to gain practical knowledge from various sources and industry experts.

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5. Placement Cell: The ultimate way to pay for or take up any course is through the placements that they provide. Digital 360 promises to deliver the best for its learners by giving career guidance, resume reviews or building, interview preparation, and networking opportunities to accelerate your job search and land your dream job.

Courses Offered

Here are the various Courses offered by Digital 360

ProgramDurationLevelCoursesCase StudiesToolsExperiential ProjectsCertifications
DM Leadership & AI9 MonthsMasters Level2530+80+30+30+
PGC Programs6 MonthsPG Level1515+35+6+21+
SDC Programs3 MonthsDiploma Level610+15+3+10+
Courses Offered

Digital 360 Digital marketing course review

  1. The course structure is very neatly arranged to ensure that students of various types and education levels can cope easily and follow up the learnings
  • The faculty members are very experienced and supportive. Yet they push you to finish your assignments as they expect you to give your 100% too (also it’s important to understand that effort from both sides is necessary)
  • They offer 100% placement assistance for all students who meet their basic criteria like attendance, timely assignment completion, etc.
  • The key point to be noted is that they are one of the few institutions that sticks to classroom training since they believe that this complex subject can be trained accurately only face to face. Even some students prefer this and are looking forward to such training methods in this era of the digital world and training.

Digital Academy Fee Structure

Prices can vary based on time and how one requests

  1. Direct Request: Contact Computerized Institute 360 directly by calling or visiting their authority site. They can furnish you with exact data regarding course charges and any suitable limits or advancements.
  • Focus Visit: In the event that you live close by, think about visiting their middle face-to-face. This permits you to survey the nature of the framework, associate with employees, and accumulate more data about the administrations advertised.
  • Ask people who are already using this platform or their alumni to get some coupons or additional benefits through reference.

While cost is a significant variable, it’s fundamental to consider different viewpoints like course material, educator skill, and occupation possibilities prior to going with a choice. Recollect that putting resources into instruction includes assessing the general worth and advantages presented by the foundation.

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An all-around digital marketing course online can be between 25000 to 45000. And also some courses are shown to range from 75000 to 80000 for providing extensive training in digital marketing. The average fee can be anywhere between 30000 to 50000.

Digital 360 Location

It’s a very big institute and is available in multiple locations across India, search nearby and you’ll find the required center.

IS Digital 360 Fake?

Seeing online reviews and rumour’s about Digital Academy 360 can be a daunting task, as opinions often vary widely. While some individuals may have had negative experiences and claim the institution is fake, it’s crucial to acknowledge that there are also positive aspects to consider, and not all courses are fraudulent.

Firstly, it’s essential to approach online reviews with a critical eye, as they may not always reflect the complete picture. misunderstandings, individual experiences, or isolated incidents.

Additionally, online platforms can sometimes be susceptible to fake reviews or biased opinions, further complicating the assessment process.

All things considered, it’s certain that a few people might have had certifiable complaints with Digital 360. Whether it’s disappointment with the course’s satisfied, showing technique, or post-course support, these negative encounters can’t be excused delicately. Tending to these worries and giving straightforwardness is pivotal for the organization to keep up with validity and trust among forthcoming understudies.

Nonetheless, it’s likewise essential to perceive that Digital 360 may have positive angles and genuine courses that benefit understudies. Numerous people have revealed positive encounters, referring to important learning, valuable open doors, steady personnel, and reasonable abilities obtained through the courses. These positive tributes feature the potential for certified instructive contributions and open doors for individual and expert development inside the organization.

Eventually, while considering Digital 360 or any instructive establishment, it’s crucial to lead exhaustive exploration, accumulate data from different sources, and move towards dynamic interaction. Connecting straightforwardly with the establishment, looking for proposals from confided-in people, and cautiously assessing course contributions can assist planned understudies in arriving at informed conclusions about their instructive excursion. While recognizing both the negative and uplifting outlooks, gauging all elements prior to reaching determinations about the establishment’s validity and the worth of its courses is vital.

Digital Course Certification

Digital Course Review Youtube-


What is 360 digital marketing agency?

360 digital marketing is an integrated course with focused messaging across multiple channels. The main idea is to make sure you leave no important gaps in your strategy whereby potential customers or high-quality lead generation may be missed.

Is freelance digital marketing real or fake?

Yes, freelance digital marketing is indeed legal. Many people earn a full time income or have a bigger side hustle as freelance digital marketers.

Can I join digital marketing?

Anyone can get into digital marketing even though they do not have any experience. They just need to have good innovative brains and adapt situations to tackle. 

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