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Guvi Data Science Course Review 2024, Real or Fake?

Guvi is an institute offering a Data Science course, in a very peculiar manner. It is affiliated with IIT-M & IIM-A, You can Learn in English, Hindi & தமிழ். It has way more modules & different syllabi with more accuracy in training you. But should you consider this? or for any matter does it seem worth it? Let us explore this today!

Data Science is a dynamic field where dream jobs are flooding in, with millions of opportunities opening so is the competition.

Introduction To Guvi

Guvi Data Science Course Introduction
Guvi Data Science Course Introduction

GUVI is an IIT-M & IIM-A incubated Ed-tech company that focuses on providing personalized learning solutions passionate about enabling learners from diverse backgrounds to utilize technology, to bridge linguistic barriers. The group takes great satisfaction in its ability to work together and be creative since they feel that although one idea may start something, teamwork produces amazing results. Learning must be made interesting and understandable through creativity if students are to have one-of-a-kind experiences. One of the main principles is simplicity, emphasizing making technological ideas simple to understand and using this to develop powerful courses. Prioritizing the customer’s demands and producing superior products that offer outstanding value are crucial.

Guvi Data Science Course: Overview, Tools Covered, Syllabus, Projects, Placements, Fees, Review

This program is an IIT-M Pravartak Certified Advanced Programmer with Data Science Mastery Program is a leading-edge Technological Program paving your way to an assured professional career. It is an integrated course directed by GUVI – an IIT-M incubated company. Instructed by the industry’s best Technical Experts & Founders(Ex-Paypal Employees), this program offers mentorship through Data Experts and directs you to Fortune 500 companies. The vision is to make the premium organizations discover the Right talent through GUVI’s Zen Class.

Duration3 Months (Weekdays) / 5 Months (Weekends)
CourseLive Online Classes + Lifetime recorded videos
Hiring Partners200+ Companies
EMI OptionsUpto 12 months
PlacementPlacement Guidance

Guvi Data Science Course Overview

  1. A program designed by Subject Matter Experts of some top Data Scientist & Approved by NASSCOM
  2. It has both Live Online Classes + Lifetime recorded videos
  3. Unlimited access to practice on CodeKata, Webkata, and IDE
  4. One-on-one with Mentors for any problems related to the course & other
  5. Ask-me-Anything sessions with Industry Experts
  6. IIT-M Pravartak Certification for Advanced Programming Professional
  7. Placement Guidance with a dedicated team
  8. A digital portfolio through “Github”
  9. EMI options available(Upto 12 months) with 7-day Refund Policy

This, also pretty much similar to the upGrad BootCamp course.

Guvi Data Science Course Tools Covered

Guvi Data Science Course Syllabus

0Pre-BootCampBasics of competitive programming, data science, and industry trends
1PythonBasics of Python programming: datatypes, loops, data structures, functions
2Python – AdvancedAdvanced Python: comprehensions, file handling, regex, OOP, pickling
3Algorithmic Thinking with PythonData structures, algorithms, memory management techniques
4Data Handling in Python – Pandas & MongoDBData handling with Pandas and MongoDB functions
5SQLBasics of SQL: queries, schemas, normalization
6SQL – ContinuedAdvanced SQL: joins, date and time functions, subqueries
7Probability and Statistics with NumPyBasics of probability and statistics with hands-on NumPy
8Probability and Statistics with NumPy – ContinuedDescriptive and inferential statistics, hypothesis testing
9Data Visualization in PythonData visualization with Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly
10Data Engineering with PythonData cleaning, exploratory data analysis techniques
11Exploratory Data Analysis with PythonPreliminary examination of data to uncover patterns and insights
12Machine Learning with SklearnIntroduction to machine learning: regression algorithms, evaluation metrics
13Machine Learning with SklearnClassification algorithms, mathematical intuition, evaluation metrics
14Machine Learning with Sklearn – ContinuedTree-based algorithms, pruning, ensemble methods
15Machine Learning with Sklearn – ContinuedComparison of supervised learning algorithms, training model best practices
16Machine Learning with Sklearn – ContinuedUnsupervised learning algorithms, essential mathematical intuition
17Deep LearningComplex models for high-dimensional data: object recognition, text analysis
18Deep Learning with PyTorchImplementing deep learning algorithms in PyTorch
19Deep Learning with PyTorch – ContinuedState-of-the-art deep learning architectures implementation details
20Natural Language ProcessingHandling NLP use cases with machine learning and deep learning
21Computer VisionState-of-the-art computer vision problems and solutions
22Model Deployment in AWS Cloud PlatformFundamentals of AWS services for deploying machine learning and deep learning models
23Putting it Together – Solving DS ProblemsIndustry project work guided by experts
24Mock InterviewsMock interviews conducted by industry experts, IIT professors, and HR professionals

Guvi Data Science Course Project

Projects are important to build your portfolio, so here are some Guvi Data Science Projects to help you in that

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Here is a list of the projects mentioned, without duplicates:

1.COVID-19 Data Visualization

  • Pictorial representation of current COVID-19 data on a map
  • Agile updates and historical overview

2. Sentiment Analysis

  • Positive and negative sentiment analysis on social media reviews
  • Extensive data visualization and processing

3. Gender and Age Detection

  • Detects age and gender from single-face images using the UTK Face dataset
  • Applications in access control, human-computer interaction, and law enforcement

4. Oil Price Prediction

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  • Time-dependent model predicting crude oil prices for three months
  • Involves data engineering, visualization, model fitting, and validation

Guvi Data Science Course Placements

Here’s how the placements work

Guvi Data Science Course Placements
Guvi Data Science Course Placements

Guvi Data Science Course Fees

Guvi Data Science Course Fees
  • Program Fee: INR 94,000
  • Prebooking: INR 8,000
  • EMI options: 12/months

For further clarification and fee concession, you can contact

  • Guvi referral code– Click Here
  • Contact Info– 7735361649

Guvi Data Science Course Review

Let us measure both the Guvi Data Science Course Review through Advantages & Disadvantage


  1. You are getting certified from IIT-M
  2. Top class instructors
  3. There is an option for a refund too
  4. In-depth syllabus
  5. Suits both professionals & beginners to improve in the domain.


  1. The program fees are high
  2. Duration also seems very low

But, if you are looking for a PG Course in Data Science do check out UpGrad Data Science Course Review from IIIT Bangalore (One of India’s Best selling Data Science Courses)

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