upGrad Data Science Bootcamp Course Review- HONEST INSIGHTS (2024)

Greetings to all, today we will discuss the elements of the upGrad Data Science Bootcamp Course Review that upGrad offers. The field of business schooling has experienced tremendous growth, providing students with additional opportunities to excel in their chosen fields. As you can see, there are many businesses and organizations to investigate when we enroll in a business course. Let’s now recognize the importance and merit of this course and why you should consider enrolling in it.

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Introduction To upGrad

upGrad introduction
upGrad introduction

UpGrad was founded in 2015, its creators had a vision that they wanted to help students get the knowledge they needed outside of the classroom to get ready for the workforce. Since its establishment, UpGrad has grown into a multi-platform that offers a vast array of course types and levels. It also partners with top universities and modern industry professionals to provide a wide range of courses taught by certified instructors with in-depth knowledge in a variety of sectors. Their teachers are personally chosen from among the subject matter specialists and possess extensive training in that particular area! Phalgun Kompalli, Mayank Kumar, and Ronnie Screwvala are the inventors of UpGrad.

It keeps providing excellent service to all the students and has established itself as one of the biggest e-learning platforms in India. Let us go no further and jump into the main plot.

upGrad Data Science Bootcamp Course

upgrad data science bootcamp

Here we shall solely concentrate on this course and try to understand each aspect of the course.

  • Course Name- Data Science Bootcamp with AI
  • Mode of Learning- Online

upGrad Data Science Bootcamp Course Statistics

  1. Average Salary– 12LPA
  2. Average Hike– 52%
  3. Highest Hike– 258%
  4. Hiring Partners– 4K+
  5. Career Transitions– 4.5k+

Data Scientist

Lead Data Scientist

Chief Data Officer

upGrad Data Science Bootcamp Course Key Highlights

  • Live Instructor-Led Sessions for Over 165 Hours
  • 50+ Hours of Interactive Live Sessions to Clear Your Doubts
  • 35 Hours of Industry Experts’ Live Master Sessions
  • 110 hours of self-paced, on-demand learning
  • 250 Hands-On Hours with Cloud Laboratories
  • 17 Capstone Projects in a Job-Ready Portfolio
  • 133 Self-Scored Evaluations
  • More than 20 Industry Case Studies
  • 166 Assisted Practical Activities
  • 36 Tasks and Small Projects
  • 15 Hours of Industry Expert Mentoring

upGrad Data Science Bootcamp Course Syllabus

Here are the first few classes and their highlights

ModuleTitleTopics CoveredTools Covered
Module 1Fundamentals– MS Excel fundamentals– MS Excel
– Formatting concepts
– Statistical analysis using Excel
– Basic programming concepts (algorithms, loops, flow charts)
– Overview of computers, operating systems, and the World Wide Web
Module 2Data Analysis– SQL Basics– SQL
– Python for Data Science (installation, basics, functions, files, OOP)– Python
– Descriptive Statistics, Distributions, and Probability Theory– Pandas, NumPy
– Hypothesis Testing, Regression, and ANOVA– Matplotlib, Seaborn
– Data Preprocessing, Web Scraping, and Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)– Plotly
– Data Visualization with Tableau– Tableau
Module 3ML with Python– Linear algebra and calculus applications in Data Science– Python
– Machine Learning (Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, KNN, Naive Bayes, SVM)
– Regularization techniques (LASSO and RIDGE)
– Decision Tree, Random Forest, and Boosting
– Unsupervised learning (Clustering, PCA)
Module 4Data Engineering– Big Data Processing with Hadoop– Hadoop
– Streaming Big Data with Spark– Spark
– Machine Learning Model Deployment on Cloud– AWS
Module 5NLP & Deep LearningDiscovering NLP – Feature Extraction, Texblob, Spacy, Text Classification
Grasping NLP – Sentiment Analysis and Chatbots
Module 6Data Structures & AlgorithmsBasic Techniques of Algorithm Analysis
Linked Lists and Binary Trees

I hope this helps! If you still need more in-depth take a look at the syllabus copy

upGrad Data Science Bootcamp Course Tutors

Course Creators


upGrad Data Science Bootcamp Course Project Portfolio

Here are the available projects for students to explore

ProjectDescriptionSkills Learned
NutriGroBuild intelligence to predict user’s healthiness based on past grocery orders and recommend healthier options.– SQL
– Numpy
– Pandas
+2 (unspecified)
AnomaDataBuild intelligence to understand the health of machinery using Machine Learning and predict anomaly data/events.– Linear Regression
+3 (unspecified)
MoodForMusicBuilding an application that detects the mood using still images or videos and recommends the music accordingly.– Clustering
+2 (unspecified)

upGrad Data Science Bootcamp Course Structure

This is the course structure and how upGrad proceeds with its course

upGrad Data Science Bootcamp Course Fees

Product/ServiceDescriptionOriginal PriceDiscountFinal PricePayment OptionsAdditional Information
Data Science BootcampTailIcon model with scholarship or courseINR 1,55,00047% offINR 82,150– Pay upfront: INR 72,850– Additional scholarship up to 10k for “pay upfront”
– Pay after placement: 8% CTC after landing a tech job– EMI plans available

upGrad Data Science Bootcamp Course Review

Here’s the upGrad Data Science Bootcamp Course Review from alumni’s

Amazing Experience!

To the learners like me who joined the course as beginners in the tech domain, I’d like to convey a message – you don’t have to lose or be low on confidence just because you are a beginner. I assure you that upGrad has all the relevant content that you need to follow. I have myself given more than 50+ interviews, out of which I got rejected 23 times. Don’t lose hope. Understand what you did wrong, make notes with the help of the course content, and implement your learnings. Once I did that, I got offers from 15+ companies. The key is to not lose hope or confidence and keep practicing.

Bhupendra Choudhary

After 8 years of journey, I have always been looking for continuing my studies. Then after comparing through multiple options, I finally chose Upgrad because of the flexible timings and reviews from my colleagues. With Pandemic grasping the nation, and work from home changes in life, studying was not so easy. But with support from my family and experts at Upgrad, I was able to learn so many things. Upgrad has provided a path to learn, support for profile building and many other opportunities that will help me in transition in the field of Data Science.

Vaibhav Sah


Take up this course if you are ready to put in your effort and it is worth the time!

upGrad Data Science Bootcamp Course Review YouTube


What is the prerequisite to join the program?

Prerequisites for the Data Science Bootcamp are nonexistent. Learners can join up for this boot camp, which offers best-in-class instruction, lots of practical exercises, and assignments using Cloud Lab, even if they have no prior programming or analytics experience.

Does non-tech experience count as work experience?

Yes, any form of work experience, irrespective of the roles you are currently in, will be considered as work experience.

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