Intellipaat Software Solutions Review- Honest Opinion (2024)

Intellipaat Software Solutions Review

Welcome to Intellipaat Software Solutions Review, To all the Data Scientists, Software Developers from beginners to experts in the domains. Before joining the famous Intellipaat Software Solutions let us ask do you even want to consider this program or any particular course in the first place. This article will detail everything you need to know about the institute and help you gain insight into the organization.

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Introduction To Intellipaat Software Solutions

intellipaat web interface

Intellipaat is known for its assistance in Career Transition, many of its students from non-IT backgrounds have landed in places that even IT background struggles with they have turned out to be industry leaders. So there is no doubt or question of trustworthiness here. Some of their students from non-IT backgrounds are seen landing 10LPA+ as fresher and also industry households are transitioning through this phase and their program. Let us also understand a few more things about Intellipaat

Intellipaat Software Solutions History

Intellipaat was started in the year 2011 in Bengaluru by Diwakar Chittora. It began with the goal of providing an online platform for students and learners to train themselves and be industry-ready to land their dream jobs, support them with placements, and help them grow big. It has been very successful and reputed by peers across the nation. It has an annual revenue of over 23M$ and is known around India for its popular courses and career transitions that it has impacted.

Intellipaat Software Solutions Career Transition

Intellipaat is renowned for its help with career transitions; many of its non-IT students have succeeded in fields that even those with IT backgrounds find difficult, to become leaders in their respective industries. Even after working in their fields of specialization, a few mechanical and civil engineers who enrolled in the Intellipaat Data Science Course received salaries that were astounding for first-year students. Thus, there’s no room for doubt or inquiry about this place’s credibility.

Intellipaat Software Solutions Placements

The placement procedure is quite simple: one needs to complete all of the tasks in order to be qualified for the placement drive. They’ll offer you a useful project from the industry that falls into your specialty (Business Analyst etc). After that, they will give you plenty of opportunities and continuous assessments till you secure a job in the sector.

They guarantee that you will have mock interviews to help you get the job and clear at least nine firms during the interview process. When comparing Intellipaat with Edureka, it is evident that the latter offers more placement guarantees.

Intellipaat Software Solutions Placements Hiring Partners

intellipaat hiring partners

Intellipaat Software Solutions Courses

Intellipaat Software Solutions Offers its courses in almost all the domains of IT right from database to Degree Programs, making sure its target audience is satisfied with all given courses.

Here are the variety of Intellipaat Software Solutions Review of courses offered:

Key FeaturesWorld-Class Certification & Degree Programs, 10 Million Learners, 4.8/5 Learner’s Rating, 500% Highest Salary Hike
ProgramsExecutive Post Graduate Certification in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Certification in DevOps & Cloud Computing – IITM Pravartak, M.Tech in Applied AI, MBA in Data Science, PGP in Data Science and Machine Learning Course, Investment Banking Course, Advanced Certificate Program in Electric Vehicle Design, UI and UX Design Course, Cloud Computing and DevOps, Supply Chain Management Course Online – SCM Training, Executive Doctor of Business Administration SSBM, Geneva, Ex. M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence & ML, Data Analytics Program, Executive Post Graduate Certification in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking, Master’s Degree (M.Sc.) in Data Science by IU, Business Analyst Certification Course, Full Stack Specialization Bootcamp, Advanced Certification Program in Data Science
Learner BenefitsWorld-class pedagogy with Hands-on Exercises & Assignments, Personalized Guidance with 24*7 Support and 1:1 Mentorship, Career Assistance with Resume Building, Mock Interviews, Exclusive Job Portal access, Gamified Learning and Group Activities, 400+ Hiring Partners
Location6th Floor, Primeco Towers, Arekere Gate Junction, Bannerghatta Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076, India
Contact InfoIND: +91-7022374614, US: 1-800-216-8930 (Toll Free)
Intellipaat Software Solutions Courses

Why Intellipaat Software Solutions?

Here are some reasons to choose Intellipaat Software Solutions

OverviewIntellipaat offers customized corporate training programs to help organizations upskill their workforce.
Top Features– High engagement and outcome-centric learning, Customized curriculum built with industry leaders, Hands-on exercises and industry use cases, Assignments and project work review with industry SMEs, Strong reporting to track learning and calculate training ROI for managers, Pre-configured Cloud Labs for practice, Day 1 production-ready on completion of training
ProgramsIntellipaat offers programs in collaboration with top companies. Programs available in: Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Salesforce, Mobile Development, Digital Marketing, Database, Testing, Project Management, Website Development
Clients200+ companies trust Intellipaat for upskilling their employees.
Why Intellipaat Software Solutions?

Why top companies prefer Intellipaat Software Solutions

  • High involvement and learning that is outcome-focused
  • Curriculum designed with industry experts, for industry experts
  • Practical activities and examples from the industry
  • Reviews of assignments and projects, together with comments from SMEs in the industry
  • Robust reporting to monitor education and determine instruction Return on Investment for Managers
  • Practice-oriented pre-configured Cloud Labs
  • Day 1 production is prepared upon training completion.

Intellipaat Software Solutions Course Fees

Course NameType of ProgramFees (INR)Duration (Hours)
Advanced Certification in Data Science and AIRegular Classroom85,000218
Big Data Architect Master’sRegular Classroom56,031277
Spark Master CourseRegular Classroom45,030261
Python CertificationRegular Classroom20,00740
Intellipaat Software Solutions Course Fees

Intellipaat Software Solutions Job Survey

Course CategoryDescriptionJob Opportunities by 2025Average Salary at Entry LevelAverage Salary Hike of Intellipaat LearnersCareer Transitions in Varied Domains
Data Science ProgramsLearn Python, R, Hadoop, Spark, and other key data science tools.3,00,000+INR 12,00,000+55%85,000+
Big Data Analytics CoursesCore concepts of analytics, including regression, deep learning, and machine learning.1,20,000+INR 12,00,000+50%85,000+
Cloud Computing CoursesMaster cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud services.2,00,000+INR 9,00,000+60%85,000+
Business Intelligence CoursesAcquire skills in Business Intelligence tools and industry-relevant projects.1,50,000+INR 9,00,000+45%85,000+
Salesforce CRM CoursesLearn Salesforce concepts, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and job assistance.80,000+INR 10,00,000+55%85,000+
Database CoursesWork with popular database systems and related tools and technologies.1,00,000+INR 8,00,000+45%85,000+
Online Programming CoursesTraining in C, C++, R, Python, JavaScript, with flexible learning options.3,00,000+INR 8,00,000+60%85,000+
Intellipaat Software Solutions Job Survey

Intellipaat Software Solutions Certification

To get an Intellipaat Software Solutions certificate you must have completed all the assignments and projects presented by them

Here’s a sample certificate

intellipaat certification

Intellipaat Software Solutions Review

The course is excellent and if you are ready to pay above 75K and have the will to sit for 3-4 hrs a day with concentration you can easily benefit a lot from this program. There are thousands of Intellipaat Software Solutions Review in the main portal too.


Intellipaat Software Solutions YouTube Review

Intellipaat Software Solutions Review


Is it worth joining Intellipaat?

The real-world examples greatly aided in improving my comprehension of the subject. I sincerely value the individualized care I get, and I heartily endorse Intellipaat for its dedication to providing customized learning opportunities. My one-on-one DevOps training sessions with Kiara from Intellipaat were outstanding.

How to get an Intellipaat certificate?

Exams are held by Intellipaat in order to provide certificates. The online tests are meant to confirm your knowledge and abilities. To get the certificate, you must pass the exam.

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