Which Is Better Edureka Or Intellipaat- HONEST OPINION (2024)

Edureka Or Intellipaat
Edureka vs Intellipaat

Welcome to the course comparison of Edureka OR Intellipaat: Here we will know which is better and why it is better compared with one another considering all important factors from its course infrastructure to reputability and fee, along with the duration of it in thinking. By the end of the blog, you will get an idea of which to choose based on the multiple types of scenarios you are in.

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edureka courses offered

Edureka is an online learning platform that has been providing 100s of courses in multiple domains, as you can see from above they give their assistance and course variance from DevOps to Data Warehousing. They have been in the field for many years, some of you might also know them from the YouTube section as their popularity extends there too.

Edureka Courses Offered

edureka courses offered

Edureka Career Programs

Edureka also offers career programs for its students to study intensively and gain skillsets for their jobs for a long process

Course NameTypeDescriptionRatingNumber of CoursesTotal Hours
Full Stack Developer CourseMasters ProgramIncludes web development and various frameworks.4.09200 hours
Cloud Architect CourseMasters ProgramOffers training in cloud computing and scripting.4.412250 hours
Business Intelligence Masters ProgramMasters ProgramFocuses on data warehousing and BI.4.211200 hours
Big Data Architect Masters ProgramMasters ProgramOffers certification in Big Data technologies.4.49250 hours
Edureka Career Programs

Edureka Important Features

Certain characteristics of Edureka make it stand out b/w and among others due to its longevity and availability here are some

Edureka Free Courses

Edureka also offers many free courses for its students with many beneficiaries and students can gain vast knowledge from it for entry-level jobs or campus interviews.

edureka free courses

Edureka Fee Structure

With Edureka’s free or paid plans for any course, you can access a 30-day money-back guarantee to begin learning with no risk. The cost of attending Edureka’s courses varies from 4610 to 76,835 rupees, with an average expense of about 36,880 rupees. It depends mostly on the side of duration and depth of content.

Edureka Placements Support

After completing their courses, Edureka provides placement services to help students locate relevant work possibilities. Job support, resume-building workshops, interview preparation, and job portal access are a few examples of this help. The specifics of their placement aid policy, however, could change depending on the program and course. For the most recent details on Edureka’s placement aid rules for particular courses like Bootcamp and certification programs, I advise getting in touch with them directly.


intellipaat web interface
intellipaat web interface

Intellipaat is known for its assistance in Career Transition, many of its students from non-IT backgrounds have landed in places that even IT background struggles with they have turned out to be industry leaders. So there is no doubt or question of trustworthiness here. There are certain differences between Edureka and Intellipaat! Before knowing that let us understand what Intellipaat has to offer

Intellipaat Courses offered

Advanced Certification in Data Science and AIIIT MadrasIntermediatePython, SQL, Machine Learning, PySpark, Big Data
AWS Certification Training for Solutions ArchitectNASSCOM FutureSkillsCertificationCloud Computing, AWS, Private Cloud, SaaS, Virtualization
Certification in Cloud and DevOpsIIT GuwahatiIntermediatePython, AWS, Jenkins, Microsoft Azure, Linux
Introduction to Python ProgrammingIntellipaatCertificationPython, Hadoop, Spark, Big Data, Matplotlib
Tableau Certification Training CourseIntellipaatCertificationTableau, Data Visualization, Big Data, R, Dashboards
iOS Development TrainingIntellipaatIntermediateiOS, iPhone, Xcode, Cocoa Framework, Objective C
Content Marketing Certification CourseIntellipaatCertificationDigital Marketing, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Blogs, Marketing
Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing and AnalyticsIntellipaatCertificationDigital Marketing, SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing, Branding
Advanced Certification in Data Analytics for BusinessIntellipaatCertificationPython, SQL, Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, Data Analysis
Microsoft Power BI CourseIntellipaatCertificationPower BI, DAX, Data Visualization, Data Modeling, Microsoft Power BI
AWS DevOps Certification Training CourseIntellipaatCertificationAWS, Cloud Computing, Disaster Recovery, AWS Lambda
Intellipaat Courses Offered

Intellipaat Important Features

In this section, we shall explore some key factors that make Intellipaat stand out

Intellipaat Placements

The placement process is fairly straightforward: to be eligible for the placement drive, a person must finish all of the assignments. They will assign you a project from the industry that fits your area of expertise and will be beneficial (Ex- Manufacturing, Supply chain management ). Following that, they will provide you with lots of chances and ongoing evaluations till you land a position in the industry.

They promise to give at least 9 companies to sit in interviews and also make sure you get mock interviews which help you to clear the job and get one. Comparing Edureka Or Intellipaat, We could see Intellipaat Placements promises are more.

Intellipaat Placements Hiring Partners

Intellipaat has got some of the industry giants to help their students join their dream job

Edureka Or Intellipaat Review

There are 2 scenarios you should consider here to choose b/w Edureka Or Intellipaat:

Want to gain skills and knowledge for entry-level jobs without most ease and can’t spend too much time on it you are a 1st-year student and pre-university student just wanting to set you basics strong and can’t pay a huge amount- EDUREKA

Want to gain more knowledge even after working in a sector or want to make a career transition, ready for industry-level training and you are serious about getting a job and spending at least 4 hrs a day with utmost care and ready to pay above 70K>- INTELLIPAAT


Both are reputed but choose Edureka Or Intellipaat based on your condition.

Edureka Or Intellipaat YouTube Review




Is Edureka certificate worth it?

It’s a case-by-case situation, but generally speaking, most user Edureka evaluations concur that having certifications is preferable to having none at all.

Is Edureka better than Udemy?

You can get excellent IT-related courses from Edureka, created by specialists and professionals. Udemy offers a variety of different courses in addition to IT courses.

Are courses from Intellipaat worth it?

Because Intellipaat is committed to providing individualized learning experiences, I heartily recommend them. If DevOps or any other topic piques your interest, Intellipaat offers excellent instruction and assistance. I had an amazing one-on-one DevOps session with Kiara at Intellipaat!

What is the minimum salary in Intellipaat?

Students can expect above 7LPA based on the knowledge they have gained

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