upGrad Vs Simplilearn Comparison- Which To Choose?

upGrad Vs Simplilearn
upGrad Vs Simplilearn

upGrad Vs Simplilearn, Which to choose? What is better? If so why so. Let us end all the confusion by comparing each e-learning platform section.

Both these platforms have been on the top in training students to get a job or have a better career or even in placement services they have been amazing.

Let us waste no further time and jump into what we are here for.

Introduction To upGrad & Simplilearn

Introduction To upGrad & Simplilearn
Introduction To upGrad & Simplilearn

Let us understand some basics about both upGrad & Simplilearn.

upGrad was established in the year 2015, in Bengaluru. They have a wide range of courses available to them like digital marketing, data science, online MBA, and others which are affiliated with many reputed institutes like IIM and MICA.
Simplilearn was established in the year 2010, in Bengaluru.

Both these organizations have been training millions of students and have successfully placed most of them into dream jobs or helped them gain industry-relevant knowledge.

You also can see, that they are not just available in India but also in over 50+ other countries, this speaks volumes about their reputation and how strong they have grown over the period.

Comparing upGrad & Simplilearn

Comparing upGrad & Simplilearn

Let us compare both these big shots of the industry in terms of various segments and try to understand, what’s better.

upGrad & Simplilearn Courses offered

Both of them have great expertise and excellent tutors in teaching domains of different categories, here are the courses offered

Courses Offered by upGrad

upGrad offers multiple courses in this domain

  • MBA
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Study Abroad
  • Software & Tech
  • Management
  • AI & ML
  • Marketing
  • Law
  • Doctorate
  • For College Students

Courses Offered by Simplilearn

Simplilearn offers courses in these domains, which students can explore

  • Data Science & Business Analytics
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Project Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • DevOps
  • Business and Leadership
  • Quality Management
  • Software Development
  • Agile and Scrum
  • IT Service and Architecture
  • Digital Marketing
  • Big Data

Do note that these are just the domain names and both of them offer way more in-depth curricula for all of them.

upGrad vs Simplilearn Courses Syllabus

Speaking about the syllabus, it is seen that both the platforms have chosen the syllabus based on what is important for jobs today.

This means they change the syllabus based on industry needs and requirements to make sure their learners benefit the maximum from the courses offered.

The syllabus is hand-picked by working industry experts with years of experience in terms of today’s market.

upGrad vs Simplilearn Key Features

There is a reason why both of them stand out among others in India. It’s solely based on the features they promise to the students.

upGrad Key Features

  • upGrad promises mock interviews, AI-powered resume builder, aptitude training
  • Job-ready curriculum
  • 1:1 Mentorship
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Recorded sessions on the weekdays live sessions on the weekends, and doubt-clearing sessions every day
  • Mentors and Instructors who teach you are experienced experts from the same domain
  • They have a separate Job portable for students to apply
  • It has tied hands with top institutes and gives out multiple programs for PG and other domains

Simplilearn Key Features

  • Circullum tailored for freshers and starts from scratch
  • They are widely available even on YouTube
  • Known form simplest form of teaching with easy-to-understand explanation
  • Many free demos & free courses along with certification are available
  • Allows users to complete courses at their own pace

upGrad vs Simplilearn Fee Comparisons

Coming to the main segment let us see the course fee comparison of both upGrad vs Simplilearn

Some Simplilearn courses fee structure:

Course NameCost
Post Graduate Project Management ProgramINR 97,999
Post Graduate Program in Machine LearningApprox. INR 2,25,000
Big Data Engineer Master’s ProgramINR 53,968
Post Graduate Program in Cyber SecurityINR 84,499

Some upGrad courses fee structure:

CourseFull FeesDuration
Bootcamp Program₹86,1403 – 8 Months
PG Certificate Program₹97,0006.5 Months
Online MBA 15 Months₹1,60,00015 Months
Software and Technology₹1,53,41010 Months

For Fee concession

  • upGrad referral code– Click Here
  • Contact Info– 7735361649

upGrad Vs Simplilearn Comparison Conclusion

Based on these factors as discussed above let us draw a conclusion

  1. upGrad has tied hands with institutes and provides PG programs
  2. Simplilearn gives out the easiest explanations around
  3. upGrad course fees are slightly higher
  4. Both have a good amount of boot camps
  5. upGrad assistance seems higher than Simplilearn
  6. Sessions structured for upGrad are better for professionals and final-year students and for students level Simplilearn is better

Based on these factors and what situation you are in, choose the best one for you!


Do check out this sample course review, comparing both institutes for a better understanding.

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