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upGrad Vs Coursera, What To Choose?

upGrad Vs Coursera

Are you confused in choosing what platform to approach and choose to take up a course so that you get the best of it, Here we are going to understand upGrad Vs Coursera and come to an understanding of what to choose more importantly why to choose it

From my own experience, I have to say I’ve used upGrad & Coursera both. And both are useful for you at different levels and situations of time. So I’ll make sure you get the whole point of when to choose these platforms.

upGrad- Courses, Key Highlights, Placements, Fees, Review

Coming to upGrad, what I would like to say is. It is more for a long-term or duration, it’s more expensive, the features provided by it are also more. So you might be thinking, when should I consider taking this platform up?

Courses Offered by upGrad

courses offered by upGrad
courses offered by upGrad

upGrad offers you courses in all of these various domains.

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  • MBA
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Study Abroad
  • Software & Tech
  • Management
  • AI & ML
  • Marketing
  • Law
  • Doctorate
  • For College Students

Now the thing is, they offer in-depth courses and partner with top institutes for all the domains mentioned above. Not just from India but also from foreign institutes and instructors to help their students train for a JOB-READY situation.

Or to be more precise and quote an example there are 16 different choices of courses you can choose from MBA Alone, it mostly varies upon what you want. Just want a Job? Looking for a PG Program? Or want a short BootCamp? They specialize in preparing such courses for you to get the best and ultimately you have to choose it. Hope you understood!

Key Highlights of upGrad

Now coming to the main segment, let us understand some important points about upGrad

  • They mostly offer their courses in such a way that it has both live & recorded classes
  • Live classes on the weekends and recorded on the weekdays
  • Some courses also offer everyday doubt-solving sessions
  • They have a wide range of options for duration right from 3 months to 18 months
  • More importantly, you could see their instructors for both recorded and live sessions are industry experts and people who have years of experience
  • They have some eligibility criteria before taking up courses you must check it
  • Note: They have a separate portal to apply for jobs & offer placement support
  • People from different domains can also take up this course

Placements of upGrad

upGrad offers excellent placement support, they give you continuous assessment, mock interviews, aptitude training, and a separate portal for jobs. Some programs even offer a Job-Guaranteed structure and make sure you land up a minimum package. Here is something you need to take a look into for upGrad Vs Coursera’s major difference.

Many people from different domains have got great help by taking up upGrad!

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Fees of upGrad

Have to be honest with you here, it is quite high. But worth it!!! It ranges from 10K – 5L, depending upon the structure

CHECK OUT- Data Science Bootcamp & MS in Data Science for a better understanding of how the structure works

Review of upGrad

Let me be crystal clear with my review, this course is for people who are quite serious.

  1. Take up upGrad if you want to make some serious transition & get a job
  2. If you are looking for continuous help and support
  3. Even if you are from a different domain and an experienced candidate looking to take up a new stream, this is for you.

Coursera- Courses, Key Highlights, Placements, Fees, Review

Now let us come to, here you will understand more about upGrad vs Coursera and how things work out

Courses by Coursera

courses offered by coursera
courses offered by Coursera

Now you could see a similar pattern or course variation here, pretty much the same. There are subdomains for you to work with

  • Data Science
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Language Learning
  • Health
  • Personal Development
  • Physical Science and Engineering
  • Social Sciences
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Math and Logic

There are 100s of courses offered within this.

Key Highlights of Coursera

  • The most important feature I would like to point out is the fees here are pretty low
  • Some of the biggest names in the World in different domains offer their courses and knowledge here
  • Even Google and Microsoft have given out their courses for students to understand
  • Its duration is pretty much smaller or very smaller comparatively
  • All classes are recorded

Placements of Coursera

Coursera doesn’t offer any placements.

Fees of Coursera

Compared to upGrad, it is very very less. Hardly do they ask for 3K-4K. Most importantly you can also get Coursera courses for free!!

Free Coursera Courses

Review of Coursera

Looking at the review perspective take up this platform if

  1. If you are a student
  2. Not looking into anything seriously/don’t need any assistance but some great basic structure or foundation for a domain
  3. Don’t ever think, the instructors are low-key. They are working with Google & Microsoft employees, so instructions also are top-class

upGrad vs Coursera Conclusion

So while reading all the above blog sections! Things are quite simple and clear-

  • upGrad is for people looking for continuous assistance
  • upGrad is for students, PG Program & many more kinds of stuff such as boot camps, etc, and also includes placements
  • Coursera is for students
  • Coursera doesn’t offer placements but is for people looking to gain strong basics.

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