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upGrad Vs Coding Ninjas, Which One It Choose?

upGrad Vs Coding Ninjas…Which One is Fake?

Today we are about to expose both the institutes that have been educating people through online platforms & exactly know what to choose between them & why it isn’t the same as they portray. As the promises come that it’s for beginners, you will get a job or say a 100% job-guaranteed course. Nah, it’s not true.

upGrad- Courses, Key Highlights, Placements, Fees, Reviews

upGrad literally offers its courses in almost all the IT domains you could see in the market, it’s so versatile that it has both PG & Bootcamp courses that will help you to take up jobs. They have been very successful in this arena, but yes to be honest not all get the right side.

Courses Offered by upGrad

courses offered by upGrad
courses offered by upGrad

upGrad offers you courses in all of these various domains.

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  • MBA
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Study Abroad
  • Software & Tech
  • Management
  • AI & ML
  • Marketing
  • Law
  • Doctorate
  • For College Students

Now, they offer in-depth courses and partner with top institutes for all the domains mentioned above. Not just from India but also from foreign institutes and instructors to help their students train for a JOB-READY situation.

Or to be more precise and quote an example there are 16 different choices of courses you can choose from MBA Alone, it mostly varies upon what you want. Just want a Job? Looking for a PG Program? Or want a short BootCamp? They specialize in preparing such courses for you to get the best and ultimately you have to choose it. And these programs where institutes have collaborated with colleges, the biggest advantage is their teachers will be in the field to train & guide you all along.

But yes, read all those terms carefully they have specialized programs & many other factors related to placements (You have to pay and extra for placements)

Key Highlights of upGrad

Now coming to the main segment, let us understand some important points about upGrad

  • Teaching is in the form of both live & recorded classes
  • Live classes on the weekends and recorded on the weekdays
  • Some courses also offer everyday doubt-solving sessions usually around 9 PM-10 PM
  • They have a wide range of options for duration right from 3 months to 18 months (Longer duration is for PG courses)
  • More importantly, you could see their instructors for both recorded and live sessions are industry experts and people who have years of experience, and there are subject expert instructors too
  • They have some eligibility criteria before taking up courses you must check it
  • Note: They have a separate portal to apply for jobs & offer placement support
  • People from different domains can also take up this course
  • Roughly speaking it has over 160+ variety of courses from various domains that you can pick up

Placements of upGrad

upGrad offers excellent placement support, they give you continuous assessment, mock interviews, aptitude training, and a separate portal for jobs. Some programs even offer a Job-Guaranteed structure and make sure you land up a minimum package. You can see the students list who have been placed in the course section of upGrad!

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Many people from different domains have got great help by taking up upGrad!

Fees of upGrad

Have to be honest with you here, it is quite high. But worth it!!! It ranges from 10K – 5L, depending upon the structure

CHECK OUT- Data Science Bootcamp & MS in Data Science for a better understanding of how the structure works

Review of upGrad

Let me be crystal clear with my review, this course is for people who are quite serious.

  1. The payment is high, and so is the duration. upGrad is only for some serious candidates.
  2. PG courses affiliated with college, abroad studies, hybrid studies, on-campus immersion
  3. Even if you are from a different domain and an experienced candidate looking to take up a new stream, this is for you. Kindly do check the eligibility before taking up any course!

Coding Ninjas- Courses, Key Highlights, Placements, Fees, Reviews

Coding Ninjas is also a very popular platform for interested students in coding, they also offer some job-guaranteed courses.

Courses By Coding Ninjas

coding nijas courses offered
Courses Offered By Coding Ninjas
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Java Web Development with Spring Boot
  • Basics of Java with Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Basics of C++ with Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Web Development
  • Competitive Programming
  • Analytics & Data Science
  • Interview Preparation
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science & Machine Learning

Key Highlights of Coding Ninjas

Placement BenefitDescription
Profiles highlighted on hirist.comMake a distinct mark for yourself on India’s leading job portal.
1200+ Monthly openingsGet access to an abundance of job openings every month.
Access to placement cell earlyComplete the course faster and apply for job opportunities.
Dedicated Placement CoachGuiding and motivating you every step of the way.
50+ Members placement teamA dedicated team to help you get placed in your dream company.
Jobs openings are sent every dayJobs openings are sent every day

Placements of Coding Ninjas

They pretty much assist you till you get a job in the same domain.

Coding Ninjas Fee Structure

Coding Ninjas Fee Structure
Coding Ninjas Fee Structure

The fee structure is low & payment mode is monthly. This way you can opt out when you want.

Coding Ninjas Review

  1. This course is for people who don’t wanna take up too much risk
  2. This platform does support you strongly in placements but pretty much you handle most of the part
  3. Instructors are also limited but very well-taught


  • upGrad is more diverse than coding ninjas
  • upGrad has more instructors
  • upGrad is also strong in placement support
  • Coding Ninjas are more risk-free
  • upGrad has a good mode of teaching (structure)

For further clarification and fee concession, you can contact

  • upGrad / Coding Ninjas referral code– Click Here
  • Contact Info– 7735361649

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