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TalentEdge Courses Review- EXPOSED

Talentedge Review

TalentEdge Courses Review: Welcome to all the dear readers and people who are interested in TalentEdge and have a tiny idea about what it is, We can say you are at the right place to know more or probably know everything about TalentEdge, this session will be answering a lot of questions and make sure by the end of it you will learn more about this institute, should you take this or not or why should you take this. All you need to do is sit back and read the article completely so that you won’t miss anything!

Furthermore a small note and gift for you all, you can comment about your details in the section if you wanna talk in person. Our people are workers in the same domain and can deeply answer your questions. So let’s not waste any more time and dive into what we are here for!

Introduction To TalentEgde

TalentEdge is quite a popular online learning platform that provides various types of courses in the fields of Finance, Data Analytics or IIM Lucknow, Master, HR, and many we will discuss it in depth very soon but before that let us know a few things about TalentEdge to judge its reputations. So here are a few questions regularly asked about the organization

TaletEdge History

It was founded in the year 2012 by Aditya Malik. It was a startup with a big vision for it, Stats report that the amount of students who take up higher education in India gradually falls from the initial education that they receive so the vision of this firm was to help such students acquire knowledge and get their higher education done.

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it also runs an online live interaction-based certification program for students in partnership with institutes like IIM, MICA, XLRI, UCLA, and others.

In the year 2021, upGrad, the online higher education company co-owned by Ronnie Screwvala acquired Talentedge for a big amount and further went on with their way of the process but still the vision remains the same!

Does TalentEdge Provide Placements?

Talentedge offers a placement-guaranteed course in investment banking, sales & marketing, and many more subjects. It promises to provide proper assistance for its students till they get their jobs and also help them with various factors such as Resume Building, Soft skills, Tools, and many more.

TalentEdge Courses Offered & Fee Structure

Here are some popular courses that are offered by the TalentEdge and are most likely to be taken up

DomainInstitutionProgramFormatDurationStarting DateTotal Cost
DoctorateGGUDoctor of Business AdministrationDoctorate36 Months15 Feb 2024₹ 1,226,438 + GST
HR AnalyticsIIM KozhikodeProfessional Certificate Programme in HR Management and AnalyticsOnline5 Months15 Feb 2024₹ 105,932 + GST
IT & Tech AnalyticseCornellData Analytics 360Executive Certifications19 Weeks13 Mar 2024₹ 200,000 + GST
Strategy & LeadershipeCornellStrategic Human Resources LeadershipExecutive Certifications3 Months13 Mar 2024₹ 70,000 + GST
Strategy & LeadershipeCornellExecutive LeadershipExecutive Certifications4 Months13 Mar 2024₹ 70,000 + GST
IT & TechnologyeCornellDigital TransformationExecutive Certifications4 Months13 Mar 2024₹ 70,000 + GST
HReCornellHuman Resources ManagementExecutive Certifications4.5 Months13 Mar 2024₹ 70,000 + GST
IT & TechnologyeCornellTechnology LeadershipExecutive Certifications3 Months13 Mar 2024₹ 70,000 + GST
MBAMasters of Business AdministrationExecutive Certifications12 Months31 Mar 2024₹ 127,119 + GST
DoctorateESGCIDoctorate of Business AdministrationDoctorate36 Months31 Mar 2024₹ 740,741 + GST
HealthcareGIMExecutive Post Graduate Program in Healthcare ManagementExecutive Certifications11 Months31 Mar 2024₹ 97,458 + GST
Strategy & LeadershipIIM LucknowAdvanced Program in Strategic Management for Business ExcellenceExecutive Certifications9 Months14 Apr 2024₹ 312,000 + GST
Supply Chain MgmtIIM LucknowExecutive Program in Supply Chain Management during Uncertain TimesExecutive Certifications9 Months05 May 2024₹ 218,000 + GST
FinanceIIM RaipurExecutive Certificate Program in Digital FinanceExecutive Certifications5 Months19 Apr 2020₹ 75,000 + GST
Supply Chain MgmtXLRIExecutive Certificate Program in Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementExecutive Certifications8 Months04 Jul 2020₹ 140,000 + GST
General ManagementIIM RaipurExecutive Certificate Program in General ManagementExecutive Certifications12 Months18 Oct 2020₹ 160,000 + GST
HRIIM RaipurExecutive Certificate Program in Human Resource ManagementExecutive Certifications12 Months01 Nov 2020₹ 150,000 + GST
Brand Sales & MarketingIIM RaipurExecutive Certificate Program in Digital Marketing and Social Media StrategyExecutive Certifications5 Months03 Jan 2021₹ 75,000 + GST
Strategy & LeadershipIIM KozhikodeProfessional Certificate Program in Strategic ManagementExecutive Certifications5 Months24 Jan 2021₹ 80,000 + GST
Risk ManagementIIM KozhikodeProfessional Certificate Program in Applied Financial Risk ManagementExecutive Certifications7 Months04 Apr 2021₹ 100,000 + GST
Note that there are many more such courses offered by TalentEdge and more for do visit their official site.

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Why TaelntEdge

TalentEdge Courses Review
TalentEdge Courses Review

TalentEdge Courses Review:

  1. It’s Reputed and in the business for a long time, the parent company is big enough so the quality of output is good.
  2. Online-based learning promises the best future for students as they can revisit any number of times and know what they wanna learn
  3. TalentEdge also offers careful assistance for all its students by assigning mentors who will clarify doubts and make sure you travel on an easy path
  4. The course structure is an industry-vetted one and hence provides training for you to grow and empower in your field
  5. This course can be benefitted for beginners and also experts looking for new things and tools to learn.

TalentEdge Courses Review

Here are a few reviews of the students who have already studied and got out from TalentEdge Courses Review:

“I was looking for a data science course as it is quite popular nowadays then I got a call from Talentedge and they tried convincing me to enroll in the course as their course was being conducted with a collaboration from IIIT Bangalore. The course fee is very high it costs around 3lakh. I took some time to think about whether to take the course or not. Meanwhile, they arranged a video call with a counselor from IIIT Bangalore she also tried obliging for the enrollment. When she called me the next day and I denied taking the course she became so rude and unprofessional. She started talking rubbish and all. I warned her to be polite as I was but she rudely told me I must be rude to you as how dare you deny the course after taking so much time. When I defended her words she cut the phone.

The moral is what to worry about the Talentedge certification course they do not even know how to talk professionally. So think twice before taking any course from them. Best of luck.”

This was one such review and many more have quite come out to be a bad one on platforms like Quora and Reddit. TalentEdge online reviews aren’t very great. This may be caused due to various reasons, not just this institute before taking up any course be ready to give your time and play along with dedication because without that you will end up writing a negative review too.


TalentEdge Course Review Youtube

Is Talentedge fake?

No, it is not fake, just that it has received a few backlashes lately due to the staff and mentors’ behaviors

What is the company profile of Talentedge?

Talentedge is an online platform that provides live and online digital courses. The courses are prepared by educational institutions and organizations of highest quality . They expertise on management, finance, sales, marketing, analytics, HR, entrepreneurship, and more.

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