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Simplilearn Business Analytics Course Review, Everything you need to know

Simplilearn’s Business Analytics Course is a training program designed to help individuals get a job and master the course of Business analytics. This course is customized for beginners and professionals who want to learn about business analytics.

Participants will learn how to work with various tools and software commonly used in the industry, including Excel, R, and Python. The course is structured to provide practical, hands-on experience through real-world projects and case studies. It’s a booming field so make sure to take part and prepare for the future.

But is it worth it??? Let’s know the reality here!

Simplilearn Business Analytics Course: Overview, Key Highlights, Syllabus, Skills Covered, Fees, Review

Simplilearn Business Analytics Course Review
Simplilearn Business Analytics Course Review

In this section, we shall be speaking about the complete details of the Simplilearn Business Analytics course and understand how it works. And what is Simplilearn Business Analytics Course Review

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Simplilearn Business Analytics Course: Overview

  • Course Name: Professional Certificate Program In Business Analytics & Generative AI
  • Duration: 11 months
  • Mode of Study: Online

Duration also seems long here as for the Simplilearn Business Analytics Course Review, considering its a BootCamp.

Simplilearn Business Analytics Course: Key Highlights

  • Students will Earn a certificate of completion from iHUB DivyaSampark, IIT Roorkee.
  • The curriculum is delivered in live online classroom sessions by seasoned industry experts.
  • Gain exposure to Generative AI and its applications in the analytics industry.
  • Dedicated live project-led training on key Generative AI topics.
  • Exclusive hackathons and “ask-me-anything” sessions by IBM.
  • Certificates for IBM courses and industry masterclasses by IBM experts.
  • Opportunity to attend a two-day campus immersion program by iHUB DivyaSampark at IIT Roorkee.
  • Work on 25+ hands-on industry-relevant projects and 3 industry-oriented capstone projects.
  • Simplilearn’s JobAssist helps you in getting placements
  • Masterclass delivered by faculty from premier institutes like IITs and NITs. This will help you in a long time.

Simplilearn Business Analytics Course: Syllabus

Sure, here’s the simplified version in table format:

StepColumnTopics Covered
1Business Analytics with ExcelIntroduction to Business Analytics, Conditional Formatting and Essential Functions, Analysis with Pivot Tables, Dashboard Creation, Excel in Business Analytics, Statistical Data Analysis, Power BI
2Database Management Using SQLFundamental SQL Statements, Database Restoration and Back-up, Filtering with Selection Commands, Ordering in Selection Commands, Alias Implementation, Application of Aggregate Commands, Utilizing Group By Commands, Conditional Statement Implementation, Understanding Joins, Execution of Subqueries, Usage of Views and Index, Implementing String Functions, Mathematical Functions Application, Date and Time Function Usage, Utilizing Pattern (String) Matching, Implementing User Access Control Functions
3Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)ETL Fundamentals, Data Source Identification, Data Extraction, Data Transformation, Data Mapping and Conversion, ETL Tools and Technologies, Data Loading, Batch and Real-time ETL, Error Handling and Logging, Performance Optimization, Automation, Monitoring and Maintenance
4Tableau for Business IntelligenceData Visualization, Introduction to Tableau, Tableau Workspace and Chart Types, Chart Creation and Data Preparation Techniques, Filters and Analytics in Tableau, Tableau Dashboards
5Fundamentals of Python ProgrammingProgramming Fundamentals, Introduction to Python, Python Data Types and Operators, Conditional Statements and Loops in Python, Python Functions, Object-Oriented Programming in Python, Threading in Python
6Business Analytics With PythonData Acquisition with APIs, Database Management with SQL and Python, Statistics Fundamentals, Probability Distributions, Advanced Statistics, Statistical Analysis with Python, Hypothesis Testing, Correlation and Regression Analysis, Time Series Analysis, ANOVA and Chi-Square Tests
7Generative AI, Prompt Engineering & ChatGPTOverview of Generative AI and its Landscape, Understanding Explainable AI, Exploring Conversational AI, Fundamentals of Prompt Engineering, Designing and Creating Effective Prompts, Extensive Language Models, ChatGPT: Applications and Functionality, Fine-tuning Strategies for ChatGPT, Ethical Considerations in Generative AI Models, Responsible Data Usage and Privacy Measures, AI Technologies Driving Innovation
8Applications of Generative AI in Data AnalyticsReal-world projects using skills in Excel, Python, SQL, Tableau, ETL processes, visualization techniques, ethical considerations, elective courses in generative AI, Power BI storytelling, R programming, or data ethics
9Capstone ProjectReal-world project using skills in Excel, Python, SQL, Tableau, ETL processes, visualization techniques, ethical considerations, elective courses in generative AI, Power BI storytelling, R programming, or data ethics
10Mathematical Optimization for Business Problems By IBMThe Big Picture, Linear Programming, Network Models, Beyond Simple LP, Modelling Practice
11Data Storytelling using Power BIEfficient Data Retrieval and Preparation Techniques, Proficient Data Management, Interactive Report and Dashboard Creation, Efficiency-enhancing Power BI Tips and Tricks
12Business Analytics With R ProgrammingIntroduction to Business Analytics, Introduction to R Programming, Data Structures, Data Visualization, Statistics for Data Science I, Statistics for Data Science II, Regression Analysis, Classification, Clustering, Association
13Data EthicsIntroduction to Data Ethics, Legal and Regulatory Frameworks, Data Privacy and Consent, Data Handling and Security, Transparency and Accountability, Bias and Fairness in Data Analysis, Ethical Decision-Making, Data Visualization and Communication, Ethics in Machine Learning and AI, Social and Ethical Impacts

For even further depth in syllabus, check this out upGrad Doctor Of Business Administration Review

Simplilearn Business Analytics Course: Skills Covered

Simplilearn Business Analytics Course: Fees

  • Program Fee: Rs 1,19,900
  • EMI Option: Rs 4,080/ month

For further clarification and fee concession, you can contact

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  • Simplilearn referral code– Click Here
  • Contact Info– 7735361649

Simplilearn Business Analytics Course Review

Hiring Partners
Hiring Partners


  • In-depth syllabus
  • Top-notch instructors
  • 24/7 support
  • Suitable for those seeking an accessible entry point
  • Practical, hands-on projects
  • Industry-recognized certifications
  • Networking opportunities with professionals


  • Short duration for the fee paid
  • High course fee
  • Fast-paced might be challenging for some
  • Requires a strong time commitment
  • Limited flexibility in scheduling

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