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Khan Sir UPSC Course Review 2024, Reality!!

Khan Global Studies aka the famous Khan Sir from youtube has recently started classes for UPSC. There has been a lot of buzz around this, but people are not telling you about certain things. So we are here to help out & understand the complete reality of this course!

Khan Sir UPSC Course Review Is it worth it?.. Reality Exposed!

Who is Khan Sir? What is Khan Global Studies?


Well, he is an internet celebrity with over 3 million Subscribers on YouTube. He is known as a rare teacher who students love because of his simple & funny approach to teaching students about competitive exams in India. He is quite popular among students & also has helped millions of students through his YouTube channel.

Khan Global Studies is an extended website of his where is hands out courses related to competitive exams. Here’s his YouTube channel for your reference

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Now let us start to understand our beloved Khan Sir’s UPSC Course.

Khan Sir UPSC Course Description

UPSC Course Batch 1, is a complete course designed to assist aspirants with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination. This course is made for students, who want to go through UPSC preparation- Preliminary Exam, main exam, and Interview.

Khan Sir UPSC Course Overview

The UPSC Course Batch 1 is a deep learning experience, consisting of live online classes conducted by seasoned educators and subject matter experts under the guidance of Khan Sir. (Khan sir is not directly involved here)

The course has been thoughtfully designed to provide a simplistic approach to UPSC preparation.

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Khan Sir UPSC Course Key Features

  • Live Interactive Classes: Students get to speak & learn directly with mentors
  • Comprehensive Prelims Coverage: Master all subjects of the UPSC Preliminary exam. Our faculty will help you build a strong foundation and improve your problem-solving skills needed to clear UPSC Prelims
  • Extensive Mains Syllabus Coverage: In-depth coverage of UPSC Mains syllabus, including four General Studies papers and an Essay. From time management to writing skills.
  • Current Affairs Analysis: Stay updated with the latest current affairs through our dedicated sessions. The experts will guide you to the UPSC syllabus, enhancing your preparation for both Prelims and Mains.
  • Prelims and Mains Test Series: Evaluate your progress with regular test series and full-length mock exams. They will help you in an exam environment.
  • Study Materials and Resources: You will get access to updated study material
  • Personalized Guidance: You shall have 1:1 mentorship
  • Time-bound Curriculum: Time is optimized at its best
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions: Attend doubt-clearing sessions to enhance your understanding and clarify any uncertainties you may have.

Here are the teachers who will be guiding you

Khan Sir UPSC Teachers

Khan Sir UPSC Course Syllabus

ExamPaperMarksDurationTopics Covered
Preliminary ExamPaper I2002 hoursCurrent events, History of India, Indian and World Geography, Indian Polity, Economic and Social Development, Environmental ecology, General Science
Paper II2002 hoursComprehension, Interpersonal skills, Logical reasoning, Decision making, General mental ability, Basic numeracy, Data interpretation
Main Examination
General Studies-IIndian Heritage and Culture, History, Indian Society, Geography
General Studies-IIGovernance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice, International relations
General Studies-IIITechnology, Economic Development, Bio diversity, Environment, Security, Disaster Management
General Studies-IVEthics, Integrity, Aptitude

Khan Sir UPSC Course Duration

The UPSC Course Batch 1 – Live Classes for Prelims and Mains is a comprehensive and complete course spanning approximately 12 Months, providing ample time for students to grasp the concepts, revise, and practice extensively.

Khan Sir UPSC Course Review

  • The course is structured by Khan sir but not all the departments are covered by him
  • The duration is ample enough to gain proper knowledge
  • The syllabus is structured according to the best course of experience from experts
  • If you like the YouTube videos of Khan Sir, you will mostly like this course.

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