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ISB Digital Marketing Course Review 2024, Reality Spoken!

ISB‘s executive programs are said to be ranked #1 in India and #32 globally in the Financial Times (FT) Executive Education Custom 2022 Ranking, but are they worth it and provide proper value for Digital Marketing Course, let us find out here.

Digital marketing is critical today because almost everyone uses the internet. People have become digitalized. So the importance of digital marketers has also increased. Digital marketing helps companies reach a large audience quickly and effectively, so there is a lot of potential

ISB Digital Marketing Course: Overview, Key Highlights, Syllabus, Fees, Review

ISB Digital Marketing Course Review
ISB Digital Marketing Course Review
  • Course Name: Digital Marketing and Analytics
  • Mode Of Learning: Online
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Eligibility: Any Graduate / Diploma holder

ISB Digital Marketing Course Overview

Professionals & Students looking to improve their digital marketing skills can enroll in ISB Executive Education’s 12-week online course, “Digital Marketing and Analytics,” which begins on June 27, 2024. More than 200 pre-recorded films, work-related projects, and real-world case studies from well-known companies like Nike and Airbnb will be presented to participants. Important topics covered in the curriculum include social media advertising, email marketing, SEO, paid advertising campaigns, and developing technologies used in industries.

ISB Digital Marketing Course Key Highlights

  • #1 B-school in India#31 B-school Globally#5 B-School in Asia (Source: FT Global MBA Ranking 2024)
  • 200+ Pre-recorded Videos for Self-paced Learning from Top ISB Faculty
  • 20+ Practical Assignments, Hands-on Projects with Top Brands, and Quizzes10+
  • Real World Case Studies on Top Brands5+ Masterclasses on ChatGPT, AI for Personalized Marketing, Market Research, and More
  • Create, Manage, and Monitor Simulated Campaigns with Stukent10+
  • Discussions with Experts
  • ISB faculty will not be a part of weekly live sessions or any other live interaction in this program

ISB Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

Module 1: Marketing in the Digital WorldDefinition, Growth & Benefits of Digital MarketingDigital marketing involves online methods to promote products. It’s growing rapidly and offers measurable benefits.
Traditional vs Digital MarketingTraditional uses offline channels (TV, print); digital uses online channels (social media, search engines).
Relationship & Benefits Over Traditional MarketingDigital marketing complements traditional methods but offers better targeting and analytics.
Positioning Challenge & Marketing CrisisAdapting to digital trends can be difficult; requires strategic rethinking.
Module 2: Digital Strategy and AnalyticsTransformation of 4Ps in Digital SpaceProduct, Price, Place, Promotion are now more dynamic and personalized.
Utilizing Digital Opportunities to Create ValueLeverage online tools for customer engagement and business growth.
The “Long-Tail” EffectDigital platforms allow niche products to find an audience.
Customer Personas & SegmentationDetailed profiles of ideal customers used to target specific market segments.
Digital Marketing FunnelSteps guiding potential customers from awareness to purchase; used for strategic planning.
Module 3: Customer in the Digital WorldPrivacy vs Personalization DebateBalancing user data privacy with personalized marketing; affects strategy.
Customer Behavior in Digital DomainsEasier access to information, faster decision-making.
Peer Influence in Purchase ProcessSocial proof and recommendations impact buying decisions.
Customer Networks in Digital MarketingUtilizing online communities to enhance marketing.
Customer JourneyMapping the steps customers take from awareness to purchase.
Module 4: Reaching and Engaging the CustomerP-O-E-M FrameworkPaid, Owned, Earned Media for reaching and engaging customers.
Integrating Offline with Online ChannelsEnhances customer engagement through multi-channel strategies.
Reaching and Engaging the CustomerTactics for effective customer interaction online.
Build an Engaging Social Media Marketing StrategyLeveraging social listening to create effective social media strategies.
Module 5: Strategies for Paid Ad CampaignsPlanning Framework for Paid Ad CampaignsStructured approach to creating and managing paid ads.
Key Insights in PPCExamples highlighting effective pay-per-click advertising strategies.
Ecosystem of Google Ad CampaignsOverview of Google Ads, display, social media, and email ad environments.
Managerial Decisions for Ad CampaignsFactors to consider: budget, targeting, metrics.
Module 6: Email, Display, and Social Media AdvertisingEmail and Social Media Marketing Strategies and Their ExecutionStrategies and best practices for online advertising channels.
Data Requirements for Different PlatformsUnderstanding the data needs for various digital platforms.
Integrating Offline with OnlineEnhancing marketing strategies by combining offline and online efforts.
Optimizing Campaigns Using Data AnalyticsUsing data analytics to optimize campaigns.
Module 7: Emerging Technologies for Digital MarketingNew Technologies and Marketing Transformations in Digital EnvironmentsImpact of AI, IoT, and robotics on marketing.
Data Strategies for MarketingUtilizing data to inform and improve marketing strategies.
Impact of AI on MarketingFuture trends and changes in consumer behavior due to AI.
Module 8: Stukent Mimic Pro SimulationStukent Mimic Pro Simulation – 1 RoundPractical exercise simulating real-world digital marketing scenarios.
Module 9: Stukent Mimic Pro SimulationStukent Mimic Pro Simulation – 2 RoundAdditional practical exercise for advanced digital marketing scenarios.
Module 10: Case Studies and Real-World ApplicationsCase Study: Digital Marketing Funnel StrategyReal-world example showing effective funnel implementation.
Case Study: Creating Value for CustomersExample of effective customer value creation.
Analyze Digital Marketing Strategies of a Few BrandsReviewing and learning from successful digital marketing strategies.

ISB Digital Marketing Course Fees

  • Program Fee: ₹1,08,000
  • GST will be charged at checkout

For further clarification and fee concession, you can contact

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  • ISB referral code– Click Here
  • Contact Info– 7735361649

ISB Digital Marketing Course Review


  • Syllabus are in-depth
  • High-class instructors
  • 24/7 support
  • This is for candidates who are looking into easy ways in


  • Duration is very short for the fee paid
  • The course fee is high

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