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ExcelR Data Science Course Review: Truth Exposed

Excelr’s Data Science Course is a training program designed to help individuals learn the basics and advanced concepts of data science and boost their career prospects. This course is suitable for both beginners and professionals who want to gain a solid understanding of data science.

Participants will learn how to use various tools and techniques essential for data science, including Python, statistics, machine learning, and data visualization. The course includes practical, hands-on experience through real-world projects to apply what you’ve learned. As data science continues to grow in demand, this course can help you prepare for a future in this exciting field.

But is the Excelr Data Science Course worth it? Let’s find out!

ExcelR Data Science Course: Overview, Key Highlights, Syllabus, Skills Covered, Placement Support, Fees, Review

ExcelR Data Science Course Review

ExcelR Data Science Course: Overview

Course Name: Data Science Course
Duration: 6 months

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  • Certificate from IIT Madras Pravartak (for training at IIT Madras)
  • Certification from SGIT, Steinbeis University, Germany

Training Format:

  • 15+ hours of training at IIT Madras over 2 days
  • Live online classes
  • Recorded sessions available on ExcelR’s Learning Management System (LMS)

Mode of Study: Online and Classroom

Excelr’s Data Science course is a 6-month program that offers both online and classroom learning options. It is designed to help beginners and professionals master data science. The course covers essential topics such as Python, R, statistics, machine learning, and data visualization. With flexible learning schedules, it allows students to study at their own pace. The course also includes real-world projects, helping participants apply their knowledge practically.

ExcelR Data Science Course: Key Highlights

Complete CurriculumIncludes Python programming, statistical analysis, machine learning, data visualization tools like Tableau, and big data technologies like Hadoop and Spark
Expert InstructorsTaught by industry experts who share practical knowledge and real-world experiences
Practical ProjectsStudents work on real-world projects and case studies to apply what they learn
Flexible LearningAvailable online and in-person, with weekend and weekday options
CertificationGraduates receive a certificate recognized by many companies, enhancing their professional credentials

ExcelR Data Science Course: Syllabus

ModuleTopics Covered
Data ScienceModule 1 – Statistical Analysis
Module 2 – Hypothesis Testing
Module 3 – Linear And Logistic Regression
Module 4 – EDA
Module 5 – Unsupervised ML Algorithms
Module 6 – Machine Learning Models
Module 7 – Neural Network
Module 8 – Bagging And Boosting
Module 9 – Text Mining
Module 10 – Forecasting
Core PythonModule 11 – Introduction
Module 12 – Variables
Module 13 – Code Practice Platform
Module 14 – Operators, Loops & String
Module 15 – List, Tuples, And Dictionary
Module 16 – Function & Modules
Module 17 – Files & Directories
Module 18 – Exception Handling
Module 19 – OOP
Module 20 – Regular Expressions
Module 21 – SQLite And MySQL
TableauModule 22 – Tableau Products And Usage
Module 23 – Charts On Tableau
Module 24 – Filters And Calculations
Module 25 – Data Combining Techniques
Module 26 – Grouping The Data
Module 27 – Analytics & Dashboard
MySQLModule 28 – Introduction To MySQL
Module 29 – SQL Commands
Module 30 – DQL Operators
Module 31 – Functions
Module 32 – Constraints
Module 33 – Joins
Module 34 – SQL Concepts
Artificial IntelligenceModule 35 – Introduction To Neural Network & Deep Learning
Module 36 – Parameter & Hyperparameter
Module 37 – CNN
Module 38 – RNN
Big Data ToolsModule 39 – Hadoop
Module 40 – Spark & Data Bricks
Module 41 – Azure
Basics Of RModule 42 – R And RStudio
ChatGPTModule 43 – ChatGPT

ExcelR Data Science Course: Skills Covered

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ExcelR Data Science Course: Placement Support

  1. Resume building
  2. Interview Preparation
  3. Networking with top companies
  4. Successful job placements

ExcelR Data Science Course: Fees

ExcelR Data Science Course Fees

For further clarification and fee concession, you can contact

  • referral code– Click Here
  • Contact Info– 7735361649

ExcelR Data Science Course Review

Excelr’s Data Science course is highly regarded due to its practical approach, experienced instructors, and complete syllabus. The hands-on projects and case studies give students important hands-on training that helps them move into data science careers. A further important advantage is the strong placement support.


  1. A complete and current syllabus
  2. knowledgeable and inspiring teachers
  3. Adaptable educational alternatives
  4. solid placement assistance


  1. More expensive than some other courses
  2. Even for total beginners, the course could be difficult.

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