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upGrad vs AnalytixLabs Data Science Course Reviews: What One to Choose?

Choosing between upGrad and Analytixlabs for your Data Science education can be tough. Both platforms are popular in e-learning, offering unique course structures, fees, highlights, and student reviews.

upGrad focuses on practical learning with real-world projects and strong career support, including placement assistance. Analytixlabs offers intensive hands-on training tailored to industry needs, with a curriculum designed for direct entry into Data Science careers.

In this comparison, we’ll explore course details, fees, highlights, and student feedback to help you decide between upGrad and Analytixlabs for your Data Science journey.

upGrad Data Science Course: Courses, Key Highlights, Syllabus, Placements, Fees, Reviews

upGrad vs AnalytixLabs Data Science Course Review

upGrad Data Science Course: Courses

When considering upGrad for your Data Science education, it’s important to note its focus on longer durations and higher costs compared to other options. What sets upGrad apart are its extensive features, including PG Programs and collaborations with prestigious institutions worldwide. These partnerships ensure students receive comprehensive training that prepares them for job-ready roles.

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upGrad offers a variety of courses across domains like MBA, Data Science & Analytics, AI & ML, and more. Whether you’re aiming for a career boost, a postgraduate program, or a short BootCamp, upGrad tailors its courses to meet diverse educational needs.

These collaborations with renowned institutions mean students benefit from industry-experienced instructors who provide hands-on guidance throughout the learning journey.

upGrad Data Science Course: Key Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
Generative AI Integrated CurriculumCutting-edge AI techniques integrated into the curriculum.
Real World Projects and Case StudiesHands-on experience with industry-relevant projects and case studies.
Latest Tools and LanguagesLearn Python, SQL, Tableau, and other current industry tools.
Exclusive Job PortalAccess to job opportunities and career transitions through a dedicated portal.
1:1 Mentorship SessionsPersonalized guidance from industry experts through mentorship sessions.
57% Average Salary HikePotential for significant career growth with an average salary increase of 57%.

upGrad Data Science Course: Syllabus

Syllabus CategoryDetails
I. Foundational Courses
Introduction to Data ScienceBasics, Importance, Applications
Data Science Process OverviewOverview of the data science workflow
Python for Data SciencePython Basics, Data Structures, Libraries (NumPy, Pandas), Data Manipulation, Cleaning
Statistics and ProbabilityDescriptive Statistics, Probability Theory, Inferential Statistics
Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)Data Visualization Techniques, EDA with Python, Data Cleaning and Preprocessing
II. Core Courses
Machine LearningSupervised Learning (Regression, Classification), Unsupervised Learning (Clustering, Dimensionality Reduction), Model Evaluation and Optimization
Advanced Machine LearningEnsemble Methods, Time Series Analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Big Data TechnologiesIntroduction, Hadoop, Spark, Overview of Big Data Frameworks
Deep LearningNeural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs)
III. Specialized Courses
Business AnalyticsData-Driven Decision Making, Business Intelligence Tools, Case Studies
Artificial Intelligence (AI)Foundations, Techniques, Applications, Ethics
Data EngineeringData Warehousing, ETL Processes, Data Pipeline Design
IV. Tools and Technologies
Data Visualization ToolsTableau, Power BI, Matplotlib, Seaborn
Database ManagementSQL, NoSQL Databases, Data Modeling, Optimization
Programming for Data ScienceAdvanced Python, R Programming, MATLAB, SAS
V. Practical Experience
Capstone ProjectEnd-to-End Project, Real-World Problem Solving, Presentation
Industry ProjectsCredit EDA Assignment, RSVP Case Study, Bike Sharing Regression Model
Internship and PracticumInternship Opportunities, Hands-on Experience, Mentorship
VI. Career Development
Resume BuildingCrafting a Data Science Resume, Highlighting Skills and Projects
Interview PreparationMock Interviews, Technical and HR Tips
Job Search StrategiesNetworking, Leveraging LinkedIn, Job Portals

upGrad Data Science Course: Placements

UpGrad has a strong track record of effective job transfers and exceptional placement numbers. Here are a few of the important numbers:

  1. Average Salary Increase of 57%
  2. ₹1.23 Cr Maximum Pay Package Available
  3. Over 6000 Career Changes

More than 300 Hiring Partners Tech Mahindra, Amazon, Tata, Wipro, Microsoft, TCS, Infosys, Flipkart, IBM, and HDFC Bank are among the top employers. The placement assistance provided by upGrad, which includes career counseling, mentorship meetings, and special job portal access, guarantees that students are equipped to find the right employment.

upGrad Data Science Course: Fees

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upGrad Data Science Course Fees

upGrad Data Science Course: Reviews

The extensive curriculum, knowledgeable instructors, and strong support network of upGrad’s Data Science courses are highly praised. Students value the hands-on, real-world projects and the career guidance that greatly improves employment opportunities. Graduates have reported successful job transitions into data science roles and significant compensation increases.

Looking for a planned, positive, and industry-relevant curriculum to help them enhance their careers in data science? This course is perfect for you.

AnalytixLabs Data Science Course: Courses, Key Highlights, Syllabus, Placements, Fees, Reviews

AnalytixLabs Data Science Course: Courses

AnalytixLabs offers an extensive and higher-cost Data Science education designed for long-term learning. It features Post Graduate Programs and partnerships with renowned Indian and international institutions, enhancing job readiness for students.

Their courses cover diverse domains like Data Science & Analytics, AI & ML, and more, all crafted in collaboration with leading educators and industry experts. This ensures graduates are well-prepared for professional success.

AnalytixLabs provides various options within Data Science, from comprehensive MBA programs to focused bootcamps, catering to different career goals. The courses benefit from industry professionals who actively teach and mentor, offering practical insights directly applicable to the job market.

AnalytixLabs Data Science Course: Key Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
Extensive CurriculumCovers data visualization, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI).
Flexible Learning OptionsClassroom, live online, and blended eLearning formats available for diverse learning preferences.
Hands-On ExperienceIncludes assignments, projects, and a capstone project for practical learning and skill application.
CertificationAwarded by E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati, and AnalytixLabs, ensuring recognized credential upon completion.
Placement AssistanceIncludes a Placement Readiness Program and a unique pay-after-placement option for career support.

AnalytixLabs Data Science Course: Syllabus

Syllabus CategoryDetails
Data Visualization & AnalyticsExcel, SQL, PowerBI, and R for data visualization and analytics.
Data Science FundamentalsPython and R programming basics covering data manipulation and analysis.
Machine LearningSupervised and unsupervised learning techniques for predictive modeling.
Text Mining & NLPNatural language processing (NLP) techniques for text mining and analysis.
Capstone ProjectsReal-world projects spanning various industries to apply learned skills in practical scenarios.

AnalytixLabs Data Science Course: Placements

Strong placement assistance is provided by AnalytixLabs, which includes an 8-week Placement Readiness Program. With the “pay-after-placement” approach, students can pay half of the tuition up advance and the remaining balance in installments after landing a job.

AnalytixLabs Data Science Course: Fees

AnalytixLabs Data Science Course Fees

AnalytixLabs Data Science Course: Reviews

The Data Science course offered by AnalytixLabs comes highly recommended because of its great placement help, robust curriculum, and practical approach. The collaboration with IIT Guwahati’s E&ICT Academy increases the course’s stature and makes it a great option for future data scientists.

upGrad vs AnalytixLabs Data Science Course Review: Differences

upGrad vs AnalytixLabs Data Science Course Reviews

Learning FormatsOffers structured learning with options like classroom, online, or blended formats. Focuses on practical projects and a pay-after-placement fee model.Provides flexible online courses ranging from 3 to 18 months, emphasizing a comprehensive curriculum with advanced tools and career support.
Curriculum FocusCovers basics to advanced topics including data visualization, machine learning, and AI, with practical assignments and projects.Includes extensive coverage of Python, SQL, Tableau, and advanced AI techniques, structured into foundational, core, and specialized courses.
Certification and SupportOffers certification from E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati, and strong placement support with a pay-after-placement fee model.Provides certification from reputed universities, extensive career counseling, job placement assistance, and reported salary hikes.


If you’re looking for a pay-after-placement cost option, various learning formats, and well-supported placement assistance, go with AnalytixLabs.

Select upGrad if you value thorough professional support, an extensive program with cutting-edge tools, flexible online learning, and the possibility of major career progress.

If you’re trying to decide between AnalytixLabs and upGrad for your Data Science education, consider your learning preferences, job goals, and financial condition.

For further clarification and fee concession, you can contact

  • referral code– Click Here
  • Contact Info– 7735361649

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