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Mesa School of Business vs Masters Union, Which One To Choose?

Today we are here to learn about the 2 big players of the business world, let’s understand Mesa School of Business vs Masters Union. Both of them are highly regarded as the top learning platforms for business.

Mesa School of Business: Courses, Key Highlights, Placements, Fees, Reviews

Mesa School of Business: Courses

India’s premier business school tailored for future startup leaders, founded by alumni from Harvard Business School and Kellogg School of Management. Located in Bengaluru, Mesa offers a 12-month full-time, in-person program starting July 2024. Students learn from over 100 startup leaders and build real businesses, supported by a unique curriculum blending real-life case studies and top-tier faculty insights. Admission is competitive, with less than a 5% acceptance rate and a diverse

Mesa School of Business: Key Highlights

Faculty and MentorsLearn from top startup leaders and faculty from Harvard and Kellogg.
Unique LearningEngage in real-world projects and hands-on experience.
Startup FocusLocated in Bengaluru, providing immersion in the startup ecosystem.
Practical LearningOpportunities to build real businesses, participate in hackathons, and receive personal mentorship.

Mesa School of Business: Placements

In regards to Mesa School of Business placements:

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Thanks to excellent networking opportunities, students can connect with top startup roles. To further help them prepare, they receive more than 200 hours of career workshops and simulated interviews. Numerous graduates of the school land jobs in prestigious companies, demonstrating the school’s high success rate.

Mesa School of Business: Fees

mesa School of Business: Fees

Mesa School of Business: Reviews

Mesa School of Business is well-liked by students because of its supportive environment and hands-on learning method. They like the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and work on actual projects. Graduates enjoy the school’s connections to Bengaluru’s startup scene since they provide access to career and entrepreneurial options. In conclusion, Mesa School of Business successfully equips students for professions in the startup industry.

Masters Union: Courses, Key Highlights, Placements, Fees, Reviews

Masters Union is a modern business school in India that mixes academics with real-world experience. It focuses on technology and business management to prepare students for leadership roles in companies or to start their own businesses.

Masters Union: Courses

The three main programs that Masters Union provides are an Executive Program called PGP Rise, a Master’s Program in the same subject, and a Bachelor’s Program in Technology & Business Management.

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These courses equip students for leadership positions by combining technology and business knowledge. While the Master’s Program develops expertise through real-world projects, the Bachelor’s Program offers basic knowledge and practical experience. Experienced professionals looking for further business education and leadership training should apply to the Executive Program. Every program seeks to give students the tools they need to succeed in the modern business environment.

Masters Union: Key Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
Hands-on learning approachEmphasizes practical experience and application of knowledge
Placement-driven educationAverage CTC of ₹34.07 lakhs, preparing students for industry roles
Opportunities for global exposureThrough immersion programs, offering international business perspectives
Entrepreneurship focusIncludes startup incubation, support for raising venture capital funds

Masters Union: Placements

Masters Union graduates earn an average salary of ₹34.07 lakhs per year. They land jobs in various industries, with top companies like Bain, BCG, and Google hiring them. This shows the school’s strong industry connections and its success in preparing students for careers in business and technology management.

Masters Union: Fees

masters union of business: Fees

Masters Union: Reviews

Students thank how useful the classes are to real-world work, according to reviews of Masters’ Union. Alumni say that the program gives them practical business skills that they can apply in today’s workplace. Many alumni have used their education to start successful companies or land prestigious positions at top companies. People believe that Masters’ Union does an excellent job of preparing students for careers in technology and business overall.

Mesa School of Business vs Masters Union Conclusion

Deciding between Mesa School of Business and Masters Union depends on what you want:

  • Masters Union is great if you want to learn about business and technology, get good jobs, and explore globally.
  • Mesa School of Business is perfect if you’re interested in leading startups, gaining hands-on experience, and getting mentorship in a busy startup community.

Choose the one that fits your career goals and how you like to learn.

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