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Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course Review- EXPOSED

Everything you need to know about simplilearn digital marketing course.

Hello, my dear readers, friends, students & learners. While reading this we know one thing for sure you are confused about: WHAT TO CHOOSE? , IS SIMPLILEARN OK?, WHY SIMPLILEARN?

Now take a pause and know that you are in the right place, within a few minutes of reading this article you will be gaining tons of information, everything and anything at all you need to know about the Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course. The information provided here is no gimmicks but all truth and cross verified multiple times. So what’s stopping us, Let us dive into the topic right ahead.

Introduction To Simplilearn Digital Marketing

Before getting completely into Digital Marketing, we would like to give a small intro about Simplilearn Institute which will bring an idea about their reputation.

Firstly Simplilearn is something you would have constantly seen in the YouTube section, They provide informative videos for students and learners. The best part about them is they provide a completely beginner-friendly way of teaching, This is applicable even for the courses they provide which are paid. Now on to the main part which is the placement cell, Yes the answer is what you heard already. Simplilearn is one of the most reputed units and institutes where many of their students have benefited from their courses and also have got good placement assistance from the team which has helped them to land their dream job. The article further will give proper reviews for everything you need to know, so do care to follow us completely.

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Digital Marketing Courses Offered By Simplilearn

Simplilearn offers 7 different types of Digital Marketing Courses for students of various categories that shall be chosen by them based on the requirements.

Program NameDescriptionRatingProgram DurationLevelNext Cohort Starts
Post Graduate Program in Digital MarketingOnline certification training covering SEO, social media, and PPC.4.68 monthsMar 28, 2024
Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s ProgramBecome a Digital Marketing Specialist covering SEO, social media, SEM, content, mobile, and paid campaigns.4.68 monthsMar 27, 2024
Advanced Mobile Marketing CourseSpecialized training in mobile marketing covering advertising, responsive designs, and integrated social media marketing.4.36 monthsAdvanced
Advanced Social Media ProgramAdvanced training in social media, content marketing, and web analytics to elevate brand presence and execution.4.36 monthsAdvanced
Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ProgramComprehensive SEO training to become a full-stack SEO professional driving sustained growth in website marketing.4.36 monthsAdvanced
Advanced Website Conversion Rate Optimization CourseLearn effective frameworks to convert website visitors into sales leads and gain a firm understanding of online marketing.4.36 monthsAdvanced
Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) ProgramIndustry-ready PPC training course designed by experts to fast-track your digital marketing career.4.56 monthsAdvanced
Do read the above-given information carefully and make sure you see the durations, which is very important based on what amount of time you can provide you must choose this program.

Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course Fees

1. Post Graduate Program In Digital Marketing

Total Admission Fees – ₹ 1,01,999 (EMI OPTION AVAILABLE- ₹ 3,471/month)

2. Digital Marketing Specialist

₹ 54,000 (incl. taxes)- NO EMI OPTION

3. Advanced Mobile Marketing Certification Training

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It is not mentioned in the curriculum, so do kindly contact the authorities to know the exact fee details.

4. Advanced Social Media Certification Training Course

The course fee is not mentioned on their website.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Course

Kindly contact the admins for course for its details

6. Advanced Website Conversion Rate Optimization Certification Training

Course details not mentioned.

7. Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Certification Training

Course details are not mentioned

Note that for some courses the fee details are not mentioned which means you must directly contact the mentors to gain access to the fee structure details. The institutes do this for various reasons which are disclosed.

Simplilearn Hiring Partners

Bosch, Amazon, Vodafone, WPP, DELL, etc, and many giants of the world are here to land you your dream job.

Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course Review

Dear readers, the best review straight away I can write is this – ” These courses are worth it based on what situation you are in, one can choose these courses my recommendation is to check the duration and the syllabus before taking up any of these courses. Make sure you already have some basic knowledge about what they are teaching and be ready to face the difficulties. In this way, you will be ahead of all and be the first to get a job”

Coming to our main segment is the Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course Review, There are certainly good and bad things about this course so let’s go in order

Advantages of Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course-

  1. You will gain good knowledge which is the most important of all to survive in this world of online. Though you might not get a job the knowledge you have gained will be very helpful for you. Simplilearn makes sure have got the best of the best learnings In the simplest way possible.
  2. The learning process is in such a way that it can be chosen by both professionals and beginners.
  3. The amount of placement assistance they offer is huge and will be of great help to all its students

Disadvantages of Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course-

  1. So the first con would be its duration which will seem too big for any person. And especially one looking to join a job in a short time, this is not for you.
  2. Also, the course fees that they say might carry based on the type of situation you approach and the way you converse with the administrators who would offer you some discounts are things.
  3. The learning might feel hectic and very rushed if you are completely new to this world
  4. On the whole, the course fee would be a burden, so plan accordingly before choosing it.

Simplilearn Digital Marketing Sample Certificate

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Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course Review YouTube-

Can I learn digital marketing in 1 month?

It takes people, one to three months to learn the different digital marketing tools and techniques, and it takes six months to a year to perfect those skills through training.

Are Simplilearn certificates valid?

Simplilearn is a globally recognized online learning platform, and the certifications offered are accredited and recognized in more than 145 countries. The platform provides the best online learning experience to beginners and advanced-level professionals and helps them to get their dream job.

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