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LearnBay Data Science Course Review 2024, Truth Revealed

Today we are about to review the Data Science Course from the LearnBay platform, it offers various courses in the domain of Data Science. But today we are about to explore the course which is designed for you to get a job (Others are higher studies related)

Stay glued to know everything about this platform and course before taking it up or rejecting it.

LearnBay Data Science Course: Overview, Key Highlights, Projects, Syllabus, Fee, Review

LearnBay Data Science Course Review
LearnBay Data Science Course Review
  • Course Name: Advanced Data Science & AI Certification Program
  • Mode Of Learning: Online

LearnBay Data Science Course Overview

This Advanced Data Science and AI program is designed for professionals seeking to advance their careers in the fast-changing field. They emphasize hands-on learning, industry knowledge, and real-world examples, encompassing statistics, data mining, and programming languages. Additionally, the program covers generative AI modules, enhancing your skills in this cutting-edge field. We also incorporate ethical aspects, providing an advantage to professionals in the job market.

LearnBay Data Science Course Key Highlights

  • Learn the industry’s latest tools, techniques, and trends
  • Gain hands-on experience developing various apps
  • Develop practical skills through real-world projects and assignments
  • Grow your career in data science and AI
  • Program details:
    • Globally Recognised Certification from IBM & Microsoft
    • Equip yourself with industry-relevant skills for advanced job roles
  • Domain electives available in:
    • BFSI
    • Retail
    • Supply Chain
    • HR
    • Marketing
    • Healthcare
  • No prior knowledge of programming/coding is required
  • Basic understanding of advanced math and a desire to learn programming are sufficient
  • Dedicated placement cell
  • 100% guaranteed interview calls

LearnBay Data Science Course Projects

Work in an industry-like environment with hands-on data science experience and dedicated industry mentors

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Gain top-notch skills for a successful career through our degree and certification program

LearnBay Data Science Course Syllabus

TermModuleTopics Covered
PrepPreparatory SessionProgramming basics, Anaconda, Jupyter, Python fundamentals, Git, GitHub, math review
1Basic PythonPython programming, coding challenges, data types, functions, file I/O, exceptions, regex, data analysis, visualization
Advanced PythonAdvanced Python, data preprocessing, logistic regression, classification metrics, KNN, decision tree, random forest, case studies
2StatisticsFundamentals of math, probability, population & sample, descriptive & inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, linear algebra
Machine LearningMachine learning algorithms, hyperparameter tuning, clustering, PCA, SVM, case studies, real-time projects
3SQLSQL, RDBMS, NoSQL, MongoDB, data visualization, data cleansing, joins, subqueries, aggregation, dashboard creation
TableauVisual analytics, custom geocoding, polygon maps, WMS, background images
MongoDBMongoDB structures, shell vs server, data formats, working with Compass, schema design
Big Data AnalyticsHadoop, Spark, R-Spark, MapReduce, time series analysis, ARIMA, multivariate analysis, forecasting
4Deep LearningTensorFlow, neural networks, data preparation, model training & evaluation, AWS & Azure deployment
Natural Language Processing (NLP)NLP basics, text analysis, ChatGPT, fine-tuning, DALL·E, image generation, ethical considerations
AI Generative Tools & Future TrendsMidjourney, future AI trends, generative modeling, Graph Neural Networks (GNN), real-world GNN applications
BonusPython Bootcamp for AIPython essentials, flow control, syntax, variables, loops, LLMs, GPT-3, Copilot, personalized news recommendation, interview automation bot
Visual AI for eCommerceVisual AI principles, style, photography, DALL-E, multimodal models, AI for customer service, digital transformation
Intelligent News AggregatorNLP history, neural network evolution, knowledge discovery, LangChain, Azure OpenAI, responsible AI, bias, fairness, future trends
Customer Support Bot – HelpMate ProProject architecture, semantic search, embeddings, fine-tuning, OpenAI services, scaling strategy, MCQ assessment

LearnBay Data Science Course Fee

LearnBay Data Science Course Fee
LearnBay Data Science Course Fee
  • Program Fee: Rs 1,05,000/-
  • EMI: Rs 6,883/month

For further clarification and fee concession, you can contact

  • Learnbay referral code– Click Here
  • Contact Info– 7735361649

LearnBay Data Science Course Review


  • Syllabus are in-depth
  • High-class instructors
  • 24/7 support


  • If you are new all those stuffs might scare you and you might have a tough time
  • Requires dedication and commitment to get past the course
  • The course fee is high

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