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upGrad Referral Code | UpGrad Coupon Code (2024)

upGrad Referral Code
upGrad Referral Code

Welcome to the upGrad Referral Code blog, here you shall find where to find the upGrad referral coupon which can be used to apply and get discounts for the various courses offered by upGrad.

Here we will reveal all the necessary details required to get a discount for your course and also give you personal assistance to get into any of the upGrad courses in your favorite domain.

What is the upGrad Referral Code?


upGrad is a leading online learning platform that offers various courses to students and working professionals to enhance their skills in the fields of Data Science, Management, Business, Law, Digital Marketing, etc collaborated with top instructors and experts in India to get students placed and find them their dream job.

upGrad Referral Code

I know it must be boring to read all the other stuff that is being mentioned here, You just want the code, but the thing is whatever code you are getting on the internet is either invalid or discontinued because there is a strict policy by upgrad that we should not share the code publicly in the internet or social media if we do that the code will be blocked. It is because the referral code is meant only for family and friends when you have already done the course. So you must be thinking how you will get the code now, right?

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So, Let me guide you through the process now, I have attached my number below, you can directly call me or WhatsApp me on that given number and then I will share the code personally with you. You can also click on the WhatsApp icon below to get in touch the other option is to obtain the latest upGrad referral code and redeem the best upGrad coupons you must fill out this form which shall not just help you with the discount but also help you to get detailed career guidance and know the reality of such courses

(This form is required because the Referral Code varies based on the course you are choosing)

Understanding the upGrad Referral Program

upGrad is known not just for its online teaching but also the referral program through which it provides a way for students to earn by referring others to join a program/course of upGrad.

Steps Involved in the upGrad Referral Program

Here are the steps by which one could earn through a referral code which is a form of coupon for others which is provided by upGrad:

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steps in upgrad referral program
steps in upgrad referral program
steps in upgrad referral program

The above 3 images guide you to understand how simply one can earn through the referral program followed by upGrad.

upGrad Referral Program Terms

Let us also understand, a few terms related to the coupons/Referral Codes of the organization

1. Who is a Referrer

Ans. The person who refers people or learners for upGrad

2. Who is an Enrolled Referrer

Ans. The person who is enrolled in any of the full-time courses in upGrad is referring someone else to join in.

3. Who is a Not Enrolled Referrer

Ans. Anyone who is not an upGrad user but is referring others.

4. What are the Criteria for joining the program and Earn

Ans. It’s simple, you should generate a referral code. That must be used by the person who is enrolling in an upGrad course!

5. What is an Alumni Discount

Ans. Any student who is already enrolled in any of the upGrad courses and wants to join a new one from the same platform will get a considered amount of discount.

7. Who is a Referee

Ans. The person who has enrolled in the upGrad program through your referral code

upGrad Referral Program Rewards

The amount of money you earn in the upGrad Referral Code varies based on the course that the person enrolls with your referral code. The following PDF will give you details about the money you can earn through the upGrad referral policy.

How To Use upGrad Referral Program

We hope you have understood all that is required to earn through the upGrad Referral Code and how it keeps varying concerning the course you have chosen, now let us also answer some frequently asked questions related to this.

Where To Find My upGrad Referral Code

Enrolled Learners
  • Login to your portal/learning platform and scroll down to the bottom
  • Click On “Refer & Earn” and you will be directed to the page where you shall get your code.
Referral For Enrolled Learners
Non Enrolled Learners

Click On This Website- upGrad Referral For Non-Enrolled Learners

  • You Will find the form to fill out and coupons you need to get discounts or an invite link through which you can earn money.

For an even better understanding, you can follow this YouTube Video


Q. When can we expect the Referral money?
  • Enrolled Users– Once your friend has enrolled through your link, the upGrad team contacts you and asks you to fill up some form through upskill@upgrad.com. And you will be getting your referred money within 30 Days.
  • Non-Enrolled Users- Once the referee enrolls through your link or code and After your friend’s batch starts, the upGrad team will email the Flipkart coupon to upskill@upgrad.com within 30 days.
Q. Not Yet Received My Referral Money
  • The reason could be, that the referee has not used your referral code
  • Your friend batch has not yet started
  • He/She has not paid the complete amount yet
  • The referral code is available openly on social media
Q. When are the Referee benefits applied/credited?
  • Referee advantages can be obtained at the time of fee payment in the form of a fee release (You will get a discount from the original course fee), except for programs offered by the following universities: NMIMS, IIT Delhi, Amrita University, and Chandigarh University. In these cases, the benefits are processed as cashback.
Q. Received the Referral amount less than promised
  • Sometimes you may have promised 75,000 but receive only say 68,000 because the benefits are subjected to Tax Deduction.
  • Do note that if you don’t have a PAN card, your Tax Deduction is even higher.
  • The Referee’s program determines the reward to the Referrer. To view the benefits of referrals for the various programs, please go through the pdf which is mentioned above.
Q. Is the upGrad Referral Program True?
  • Yes, it is true. You will receive the amount promised and also the person whom you have referred will get his due discount without any problem.
  • Many students and people have benefited from this policy.

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