Here are seven business ideas for new graduates that require less initial investment and leverage your skills

7.E-commerce Store

Skills Required: Understanding of online retail, product sourcing, and basic marketing. Requirements: A website (can be created using platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce), products to sell (which can be drop-shipped initially to minimize inventory costs)

6.Website Design and Development

Skills Required: Proficiency in web design languages (HTML, CSS) and possibly programming languages (JavaScript, PHP). Requirements: A computer with development software installed, possibly a portfolio website.

5.Virtual Assistant Services:

Skills Required: Organizational skills, ability to manage tasks remotely, proficiency in communication tools (email, chat platforms). Requirements: A computer/laptop, internet connection, and possibly software tools for task management.

4.Tutoring or Online Teaching:

Skills Required: Strong knowledge in a particular subject or subjects, ability to teach effectively. Requirements: Access to online tutoring platforms (some are free to join), a quiet space for teaching sessions, and possibly a website for marketing. – 

3.Graphic Design Services

 Skills Required: Graphic design skills, proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite or other design software. Requirements: A computer with design software installed, possibly a portfolio website.

2. Social Media Consulting

Skills Required: Proficiency in social media platforms, knowledge of social media marketing strategies, and analytics. Requirements: Access to social media tools (many of which are free or have free versions), and possibly a website to advertise your services.

1.Freelance Writing or Copywriting:

Skills Required: Strong writing abilities, understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and content marketing. Requirements: A computer/laptop, internet connection, and possibly a website/portfolio to showcase your work.

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